Little Scholars: Daily 5

On Friday, September 24, we are asking each child to bring in two books from home. We will be using these books to talk about how we read and the different ways in which we can read (read the pictures, retell the story, make up your own story based on the pictures). These books should be something the child is familiar with so that they can “read” to themselves. Please make sure the books are labeled with your child’s name. Books should be no bigger than a standard piece of paper (8.5×11) or they will not fit in the book bags we have. The books will remain in the classroom for approximately a month, so make sure they are books your child will not miss at home. We will begin Daily 5 on Monday, September 27. Thank you!

Field Trip Forms

Field trip forms came home for the MWF class and will be coming home tomorrow for the TTH class. This is for the Plymouth Orchards field trip on Tuesday, October 5 at 10 am. Remember that you will be driving your child to the trip, staying with them throughout the time we are there and driving them home. We do not take buses to field trips. You are, of course, more than welcome to carpool with others in the class if you would like. It takes about 30 minutes to get to the apple orchard so please plan accordingly. Field trip forms are due by Friday, October 1. We can only accept cash and the cost is 8.50 per person. We called the orchard and were told that masks are recommended, not required and that it is ok to bring more than person per child. We will spend about half our time indoors and half outside. Please know that field trips are voluntary; if you aren’t comfortable attending because of covid, that’s completely fine. Just let Mrs. Lackey or I know if you do not plan attending. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the weather is perfect when we go!

A Scholastic book order went home today/will go home tomorrow as well. If you would like to place an order, we are asking you to do so online if possible. If you are unable to order online, you can pay by check. Book orders are due by October 4th.

Mini Scholars Fun!

Our Mini Scholars (TTH class) have been getting used to the room and routine. Mrs. Lackey and I were so proud of them all for doing a real fire drill with the entire school on their very first full day! I know that several of them are still getting used to leaving their grown-ups and that is ok. I know that they will all feel very comfortable with Mrs. Lackey and I soon. On Thursday, I took several pictures of the children playing in the classroom. Have fun checking them out! Next week, we will practice walking in a line and our hope is to take them outside to our playground. Fingers crossed the weather stays nice for them!

Little Scholars Fun!

Our Little Scholars (MWF class) have been having a great time and learning too! We started learning about the Alphafriends this week. See if your child can tell you the names of the letters and Alphafriends they were introduced to this week (Andy Apple, Benny Bear, and Callie Cat). Everyday we introduce one letter. Once we have met all 26 characters, we will then start practicing writing each letter and finding words that start with each letter. Lots of letter learning! We made a graph of how many boys and girls were in our class, we practiced a fire drill, we practiced walking in line, and we played on the playground. So much to do in our first full week of class. The students have been doing a wonderful job with all things school related. I took a few pictures of the children as they played outside and in the room. Enjoy!

Mini Scholar Snack Ideas

I had several parents ask about what snacks are allergy friendly for our student with multiple allergies. Here is a list of some of the snacks he eats. This does not mean you have to stick to this list, but it does give you some ideas. We also have another student allergic to dairy and a third allergic to chick peas.

Made good brand granola bars, Gluten free pretzels, Any type of fruit strips are mostly good, All fruit and veggies, Veggie straws sea salt, Ground up brand snacks, they are cauliflower and squash based snacks. Any fruit cups

As you see in the list above, fruit strips tend to be ok but please no fruit snacks or gummy bears as those usually contain added sugar.

A Few More Important Reminders For Next Week

Please remember to bring in the following next week if you have not done so already:

Health appraisal and immunization record, the child information paper that was included in the letter I mailed home, and a picture of your child.

Please also remember to work on the Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ), information I included in the letter I mailed home. It is an online questionnaire that gives us a great deal of information about your child strengths and areas in which we can work on with them. We would like to have all of these completed by October 1st. The link to ASQ is