MWF Class Farewell

This is it! Today will be the last day that I post for you all. Since we cannot have a proper promotion for the children, I have put together a little video for you as well as a reading of a kindergarten book that I share with the MWF class every year. We will miss you all so much! Mrs. Lackey and I are so grateful that we had the opportunity to meet you. We hope that next year will be filled with lots of learning, friends, and wonderful memories. Parents, you are welcome to stay on my blog and go back for ideas this summer or you can delete your name from the blog after today. If you are returning with a younger child for our TTH class next year, please remain on the blog. I will update you when I find out more about what the fall will bring. I will also send you a parent orientation letter in mid-August. Have a great summer everyone!

Consider checking out the Dearborn Public Library this summer. They have all sorts of resources. If you live in Dearborn or Dearborn Heights and you don’t have a library card, you can sign up for a temporary card to start checking out books virtually. You will also need a card for some of the resources. The link is below:

TTH Class Farewell For Now

Good morning everyone! This is my last post for the school year. If you are returning in the fall, please stay on the blog since we will continue to use it next year. If you are not returning, you can exit my blog after today (or stick around!), but keep my email address if you ever have any questions or need anything. Returning parents: look for a letter to come in the mail regarding parent orientation in mid-August. I know that school for next year is still not completely clear as far as how we are returning or when, so I will keep you posted on this blog if I hear of any news. If you were planning on returning in the fall but those plans have changed, please email me ASAP. We do already have a wait list for the class. I hope you all have a wonderful summer full of many adventures and fun memories. Mrs. Lackey and I cannot wait to see you all in the fall! I will leave you with these two final links to check out. Goodbye for now!

Helpful Phone Apps and a Story from Mrs. Bazzi

Today I wanted to share some apps you might like to download on your phone for when you need something for your child to do, but you want to keep it educational. I have an Android, so I was looking at apps through Google Play but I do know that Apple and Android tend to have many of the same apps.

The first app I would recommend is Khan Academy Kids. Khan Academy is used in our district for K-12 students. You can actually access it for children as young as two. The app has an ABC Mouse feel to it.

The second one I looked into is called ABC Kids-Tracing and Phonics by RVAppStudios. This one is ad free and teacher approved. As the title states, it focuses on the ABC’s. It does work on letter sounds which is a big plus.

The last one is called Preschool & Kindergarten Learning Games by RosiMosi LLC. This one does have in-app purchases. This app covers a lot of different topics such as phonics, counting, shapes, colors, quantity, and addition.

Now for a story! This book is super silly and is about a caterpillar who needs to use PATIENCE in order to turn into a butterfly. I think we can all relate to the caterpillar as we use LOTS of patience to make it through our many days at home. It is hard for adults, but it is also hard on the kids as they try to understand why they can’t see family and friends. Anyway, I figured everyone might enjoy this not so patient but really trying caterpillar.

Last Week of Preschool!

You made it, parents! This is it! Friday is officially our last day of preschool! It was also our planned picnic date which, of course, has now been cancelled with no new date picked.

This week, I will not have a theme, but will just give you some good summer resources. I will also share a few more books for the kids to enjoy. Remember, you can access my blog all summer if you want to go back and look at previous websites I’ve posted, videos I have shared, etc. You may also keep you child working on ABC Mouse this summer as well. As of this Friday, Mrs. Lackey and I will be finished teaching for the year, however, if you need anything, please know that I am an email away.

Here is a great site with ideas in SO many different areas: art, nature, sports, food, and brain-boosting activities.

Here’s another one that is broken down by subject. You can find activities related to art, science, math, and sensory.

Remember, the most important thing you can do to teach your child is to play with them. Hands-on activities are the best, but don’t feel bad if you put your child on PBS games or ABC Mouse for a while. It’s ok! I know that many of you are still working from home, even in the summer, and doing hands-on activities all day, every day is impossible. Just keep trying and know that you are doing AWESOME!

Last, here is a funny book I always enjoy reading out loud.

Releasing the Butterflies

We were able to release the butterflies this afternoon! We took a video of about four being released then some pictures of the others. Several butterflies decided to spend some time in our butterfly friendly garden. One did not want to leave Alora. She’s apparently the butterfly whisperer.

Making Homemade Butter

The following website shows you the steps to making homemade butter. We make butter in class during farm week, so I would like to share a few tips I’ve learned over the years. First, kids get really tired of shaking the butter after a few minutes and it does take a while to form. The smaller amount of cream you use, the less time it should take. This recipe calls for one cup of heavy whipping cream which is a lot of shaking! If you use a full cup, plan on the whole family taking turns shaking. Second, butter is versatile so you can add different flavors to it. Salt is a good first try. Some people like to add chives or garlic. Once the butter has been shaken up, it will be very soft and spices can be mixed into it. You can even get creative and put the butter into molds or let it harden slightly in the fridge then pipe it out of a frosting piper. So many different ideas!

May 18-21: Farm Week

I really would have loved for this week to include a trip to the Real Life farm, but Mrs. Lackey and I are bringing you the next best thing: a virtual trip to the farm! The Real Life farm has a slideshow of their farm; pictures of the barn and the animals we would have visited. I have also included a YouTube video from Kidvision Pre-K about a trip to the farm. The chicks are my favorite (and what I was really looking forward to holding on the farm).

One last thing for today: farm printables. If you are looking for a good website with LOTS of different ideas, check out the following link. There are games, shape activities, experiments and more.

I do want you to know that there is no school on Friday and Monday and that next Friday, May 29 is our last day of school. The picnic was planned for May 29 but will now, of course, be cancelled. I do not know what the future holds for this summer but if we are able to reschedule a picnic, I will let you know. Have a wonderful week exploring the farm!

Moving the Chrysalides!

This is a rare treat because in the past, Mrs. Berry and I did this after the kids left for the day. It can be a bit shocking to see the chrysalides twitching but it happens everytime. It was fun for me to watch Alora and my husband’s reactions because it was their first time experiencing this as well! Now we wait. We will hopefully have butterflies in about a week to ten days.

Important Info From the Early Childhood Office

Important info from the main Early Childhood office. If you know anyone looking for Mini Scholars next year (our Little Scholars is full with a wait list), please pass on the following information to them:

Since we don’t have “coupons” to distribute we would like to offer an “Early Bird Discount” for your registration into our program. Please go to the blog and print the forms at our blog and follow the directions for returning them. Discounted rate:Kids Club: $40 for the first child,Developmental Preschool: $55 for the first child. (I’m including Kids Club since our school offers this program as well).

Please make checks payable to Dearborn Public Schools. If you have questions regarding the classroom or program please email Mrs. Bazzi at If you have any questions regarding the billing process please email the billing secretary at Please don’t forget to complete the Registration Packet as well. Our Handbooks are also on this blog.

Stephanie StoverEarly Childhood Programs SupervisorDearborn Public Schools313-827-8350Early Childhood Programs Blog

I believe the discount applies through the end of the natural school year which is June 11.

Caterpillars Day 8

I just saw that this never posted! It was supposed to post on Tuesday. It will be out of order but I want to make sure you can see those “J” shapes!

I kept thinking I would be able to send this yesterday but nope! Today, however, is a different story. We have “J”s!! Three in each container.