Releasing the butterflies

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we released our butterflies. These butterflies are called painted ladies and will live for about two weeks. When we released them, we were hoping they would stay a while and visit with the children, but they felt that outside breeze and they were off! I added a picture with info for the Edison sale this Saturday. If you want to raise a caterpillar at your house, you can pick one up outside the school.

MWF: Class slideshow link

Below is the class slideshow. If you would like to watch it as we did in class, go to “slideshow” in the top, right corner. Once you have a full screen of the first slide, look in the bottom left corner and click on the three dots. Click on “auto-play” then “every 3 seconds” and then “play”. As soon as you hit play, go to the upper left corner and hit play again for the music.

Class picnics

Our picnics are fast approaching! The TTH class picnic is from 9:30-11:00 and the MWF picnic is from 11:30-1:00. We will be at picnic area 3 (circled on the map below) which is right next to the parking lot across from Divine Child.

MWF: Promotion Day!

On Wednesday, May 29, you are cordially invited to join us for our preschool promotion. Please arrive back at school at 11:45. Parents and siblings are invited. We keep it pretty low key and should easily be out by dismissal time, maybe a few minutes early. See you there!

MWF: Kindergarten Day

This was such a memorable day for our kids. They had a blast checking out Mrs. Hughes centers and listening to Mrs. Ross read a hilarious story. Plus, it was the perfect day to have lunch in the cafeteria and enjoy the nice weather on the playground. Hopefully this has helped the children feel more excited and ready for next year!