TTH: Indoor gross motor fun and playing with goop.

We kicked off March is Reading with a Cat in the Hat day! Throughout the day, we read both the first and the second Cat in the Hat books. In the second, the cat makes quite a mess with his pink cat ring left behind in the bathtub. The pink goop gets everywhere! We played with pink goop, which was made of cornstarch and water with food coloring. The kids had a blast and most didn’t want to stop.

We also had some fun playing indoors today (with wind chill, it was too cold and the school decided on indoor). Mrs. Lackey and I took turns taking small groups in the hallway to use the obstacles decorating the floor. Lots of fun jumping, balancing and bear crawling.

MWF: Fire fighter visit

On Friday, Willow’s dad came to school to share his job with the children. He taught the kids about smoke detectors and how important it is to have them in your home and to check the batteries. He reviewed learning their phone number and address and told them to have their parents show how and where to dial 911 in case of an emergency. This would be a great time to speak with your children about what an emergency really is. We got to see all the gear a fire fighter has to carry and the kids even got to try on Fire Fighter Ali’s super heavy coat! Thanks so much for joining us!!

Lesson plans for March is Reading

MWF Dr. Seuss week 1:

TTH Dr. Seuss week 1:

MWF Kevin Henkes week 2:

TTH Kevin Henkes week 2:

MWF Audrey Wood week 3:

TTH Audrey Wood week 3:

MWF Mo Willems week 4:

TTH Mo Willems week 4:

Last day of school is May 31

Our last day of school is Friday, May 31. That will be the day of our class picnics. I’ve already got the location and times booked (Levagood Park, near Divine Child), now we just need parents who are willing to plan the picnics. We need about 2-3 parents from each class. It can be as simple or planned out as you want to make it. If you are interested in helping out with this, please email me or talk to me in person. Thank you so much!

March is Reading

Next week, we start talking about reading! If you wanted to sign up to be a Mystery Reader but didn’t get a spot, let me know and we will get a date for you. As of right now, there is still a MWF date available.

Next Monday and Tuesday, please check your child’s folder for a month long reading activity. If you have any questions, please ask.