MWF: Measurement Activity

Today your child helped trace and cut out their footprint so we could use it to measure an orange tape line on the floor. We asked them to trace and cut out a grown up footprint at home and bring it in Friday. Make sure to label the footprint with your child’s name and the person the footprint belongs to.

New Covid Guidelines (from the school district)

At the direction of the Wayne County Health Department, Dearborn Public Schools has updated its guidelines for quarantines, isolation and close contact notifications.
Those who are quarantining or isolating due to COVID can now return as early as Day 6 under certain conditions.  Please see our new quarantine and isolation guidance for more details.
The district has also updated its COVID daily screening tool to reflect these changes.

Also at the direction of the health department, the district will no longer be tracking close contacts at school.  If someone with COVID is confirmed to have been at school, all the students in that class will be notified, but no quarantine will be required.  Students and staff should monitor for symptoms and continue to wear their face masks properly.

Find more details in the district’s First Bell article.

Please take a look at the above links for more information. If your child is unvaccinated and a close contact or becomes sick and tests postive, it will now be possible for your child to return to school earlier. If you choose not to test your child, they will still need to quarantine for ten days and return on the eleventh. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at