Student Teacher

Below is some info on the great student teacher we have recently had join our class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She may begin joining our MWF class starting in December.

Hi Parents, My name is Kim Occhipinti. First,(and foremost), I am a DuVall AND Smith mom. My son Harrison is in Ms. Courtright’s 5th-grade class and my son, Emmett is in 8th grade at OL Smith. I have had the opportunity and privilege of organizing and managing the DuVall Lego Club since 2010. Currently, I am completing 480 early childhood education contact hours to earn my Child Development Association credential in your child’s classroom. I hold a Master of Arts in Written Communication from Eastern Michigan University and a double major Bachelor of Arts in English and Linguistics from the University of Michigan. My undergraduate has 18 credits of early childhood education credits so, the CDA credential will permit me to transition into the early childhood classroom in Fall 2020. I teach English part-time for Henry Ford College and enjoy spending time helping students of all ages. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me:


Lesson Plans for the Week

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! My family and I got in a fun trip to an apple orchard before the weather really starts to turn cold. Speaking of cold, we have noticed an increase in children getting colds and coughs. If your child isn’t feeling up to going to school or you think they are too sick to attend, please remember to contact me through email (, Remind app, or call us on the classroom phone at (313) 827-2763. While we all hope everyone can make it through the year without getting sick, the fact of the matter is that preschool tends to be that place where kids catch a lot and build up their immunity before kindergarten starts!

This week, both classes will be focusing on our feelings, how are body feels when we have certain emotions, and why we sometimes feel the way we do.

Important date: Picture day is scheduled for Thursday, October 24. We typically have our time right after preschool lets out (11:00) so parents can take their child down. I will let you know if this is the case as we get closer to the date. MWF parents, if you would like your child to get their picture taken and put in the yearbook, you will need to plan to come at our predetermined time.

Apple Lesson Plans, Apple Donations, and MWF Volunteers

The next two weeks will be all about apples! This is a great unit with lots of science mixed in! We will be learning about how an apple tree grows, sampling different types of apples and picking our favorite, and (MWF only) will be making applesauce. We will even be sneaking in some number recognition and one-to-one counting during this unit. Lots to do!

The following is for both classes: On Wednesday, October 9 and Thursday, October 10, we will be doing apple taste testing. For both classes, we will need the following: 3 red apples, 3 yellow apples, and 3 green apples. If you are able to donate one of the types of apples, please let me know.

The following is for the MWF class only: On Friday, October 11, we will be making applesauce in class! This is always a very fun, memorable day. On this day, we will need everyone to bring in one apple to put into our applesauce. You may bring in any type of apple except red delicious. We have found that they don’t make very good applesauce. We are also looking for FOUR parent volunteers to help us out this day. Volunteers would need to plan on being with us the full three hours. Volunteers also need to have their iChat on file in the office (either done at DuVall or another Dearborn school within the last three years). If you would like to volunteer, please let me know. I will take the first four parents who ask.

Popcorn Fridays

Every Friday, DuVall sells popcorn for a quarter to benefit the school. We will be participating in buying popcorn starting this Friday. If your child would like to buy popcorn on Friday, please send them in with a quarter (or more if you want more than one bag) and the popcorn will come home with you at pick up.


Above is the link to the ASQ questionnaire that I wrote to you about in my summer letter. We are asking you to take this 20-30 minute questionnaire in order to better assist your child at home and in the classroom. Please answer the questions as honestly as you can. You do not need to bring in any evidence of the questions to school. Please try to finish by Sunday, September 29. When everyone has completed ASQ, Mrs. Lackey and I will be able to print the results and share them with you. Thank you so much!

MWF Class Only: Daily 5 books

We would like to begin our reading curriculum called Daily 5 on Monday, September 23. In order for your child to be successful with this, you will need to send your child into school on Monday with two books that will stay in our classroom for several weeks. When picking these two books, find something that is familiar to your child with lots of pictures. One of the first things we will be learning is how to read a book and for just about all of us, that means reading the pictures or retelling the story in the book. This is why familiar books and books with lots of pictures are very helpful. Let your child have some say in the books they bring in. That will make them more excited to read! A few important things to note: Please label your child’s books with their name in case they get misplaced. Also, when choosing books, size is important! Books should not be much bigger than a standard piece of lined notebook paper. Each child has their own book bag and if books are too large, children cannot be successful in cleaning up their own books. Believe me, this has led to some major frustration for kids in the past! Thank you so much for helping your child on the path to becoming a GREAT reader!