Popcorn Friday!

Duvall’s first popcorn Friday is tomorrow. Your child does not have to buy popcorn but if they would like to, it is 50 cents a bag. We will send the popcorn home with them at the end of the day. Children are allowed to buy a maximum of 4 bags.

Apple Orchard Field Trip and Volunteers Needed (MWF)

Field trip forms for both classes went home either today or will go home tomorrow. Money is due no later than Friday, September 30. Remember this is the one field trip that accommodates siblings and multiple adults. We do not take a bus to field trips; grown ups must drive children out to Plymouth Orchards and stay for the duration of the trip. You are more than welcome to carpool with other families if you would like. We look forward to seeing you there!

MWF Class: We are looking for three families to donate apples to our class for apple tasting. We need 3-4 each of red, yellow, and green apples. If you would like to bring in one of those types of apples, please email me or let me know at pick up/drop off. We need the apples Monday, October 3 in the morning. Thank you so much!

MWF Class: We are making applesauce in class this year! On Friday, October 7, we will need 4 parents to volunteer for almost the whole class period. You will assist children with preparing apples and get to see how our day is run. It’s always a very fun day. If you wish to participate, we ask that you find accommodations for younger siblings as you will be rather busy. You must have a current iChat with the office (I can help you with this). Since this tends to be a popular volunteering day, I will take the first four parents who reach out to me. If you are unable to volunteer on this day, we will have more opportunities during the year.

MWF class goes to the library!

We are trying something new this year and taking our MWF class to the library. Everyone checked out one book that is due back in the classroom the morning of October 3. Then we will check out a new one. We talked about how we treat library books and how we have to be responsible for them.

Practicing sharing and taking turns

Mrs. Lackey and I have noticed several students in both classes who are struggling with sharing and taking turns. This is partly due to age, covid, and the size of the class. We are working on these skills in class but we would like you to continue to do the same at home. Play games, do a puzzle and take turns putting pieces in. If you are playing with your child and they want your toy, don’t automatically give it to them. Make sure they use their words to ask for the toy and sometimes, tell them, “no, I’m not finished with it.” We teach them in class that when they use their words and ask for a toy, their friend might say yes or they might say no. We also use a timer to take turns with the older class. Keep on practicing at home and we will keep practicing at school. Preschool is for practicing! Thanks so much for working with us!