Dear Snow Families,
In efforts to maintain a safe environment for our students, I am writing this letter to inform you about
some issues we are experiencing during drop off and pick up times in the parking lot. Student safety is a
If you are dropping off your child by way of the parking lot, please park in a spot and walk your child to
the door. If you choose to not park, please wait in the drop off line with patience. We are noticing cars
are speeding, and cars not waiting in line- but driving around the vehicle in front of them.
As you drop off or pick up your child, please follow these guidelines:
 Do not park in handicap spots without a sticker or tag
 Double parking is not permitted
 Drop off in a single file line and use patience to wait for your turn
 When dropping off, please pull up to the first cone so traffic does not get too back up
 Students should cross at the crosswalk with the crossing guard
 The bus loading zone is for busses only

Allowing yourself 10 extra minutes for drop off and pick up will alleviate much of the mad rush. Creating
a meeting spot with your child is a great way to be safe and time efficient. Thank you in advance for
ensuring our students are safe.
Thank you,

Mrs. Alcodray
Snow Principal

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