5/26 3rd-5th Grade Mandala Assignment

What is a Mandala? The word Mandala literally means circle! a Mandala is a circular design that shows radial symmetry (its the same going all the way around!) using shapes and lines. Watch the video and follow the steps below to create your own mandala! Yours should look different than mine! No paper? No problem! You can use a paper plate to create a really cool design! You can even use chalk on your sidewalk! Don’t forget to send me a picture!

Step 1: Using a plate, lid, or something circular, trace a circle in the middle of your paper

Step 2: Use other circular objects to trace smaller circles inside your large circle! These are called concentric circles! I used cups to create mine!

Step 3: Use a Ruler or straight edge to draw lines going through the center of your circles! I drew 4 lines crossing through the center but you can add more if you want!

Step 4: Use other small objects to trace or create your own lines to make your design! Remember, your design should be repeated all the way around your circle!

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