Ms. Donoghue's Third Grade Class

Dearborn Public Schools

   Dec 10

Math Test

Students will be taking the mid module assessment on Thursday. We started working on the study guide in class yesterday and will continue to on it today and tomorrow.

   Dec 09

Holiday Craft Next Week

Dear Parents,

On Friday, December 20 students will be completing a winter craft.  Students need to bring in one long, plain, clean (preferably new) white sock.  The sock should be child or adult sized and long. Please do not bring in ankle socks.  

For our craft we also would appreciate donations of bags of rice.  

Please bring in the sock and any donations of rice by Monday December 16.

Thank you,

Third Grade Teachers

الآباء الأعزاء،

يوم الجمعة ، 20 ديسمبر سوف يكمل الطلاب حرفة شتوية يحتاج الطلاب إلى إحضار جوربًا أبيض طويلًا ونظيفًا (ويفضل أن يكون جديدًا). يجب أن يكون جورب الطفل أو الكبار الحجم وطويلة. من فضلك لا تجلب الجوارب في الكاحل.

لحرفتنا نحن نقدر أيضًا التبرعات بأكياس الأرز

يرجى إحضار الجورب وأي تبرعات من الأرز بحلول يوم الاثنين الموافق 16 ديسمبر.

شكرا جزيلا،

معلمو الصف الثالث

   Dec 04

12 Days Before Winter Break

Some fun things planned at Geer Park for the rest of December.

   Nov 19

Exact Path Website

Today students were shown a new website called Exact Path. This is from the same company as Study Island. It is aligned to their NWEA scores. There is reading, language and math. This site is an excellent way for the students to improve their skills in these subject areas.

   Nov 18

Social Studies Test

Students will be taking the end of unit social studies test on Friday. The study guides went home today. They need to complete the front of the study guide at home tonight for homework. We will continue to review in class.

   Nov 15

Spelling Words

Our focus with this spelling list is the long e sound. We also have two math content words. The spelling test will be on Wednesday.

  1. honey
  2. queens
  3. freedom
  4. even
  5. hungry
  6. pieces
  7. leave
  8. screamed
  9. minute
  10. hour

   Nov 12

Parent Teacher Conferences

Since parent teacher conferences for tonight were cancelled, there will be another night next week. I will be in contact later this week with parents who were scheduled for today. I also have a few times available during Thursday evening’s conferences. If you would like to reschedule for Thursday, please email me at, send a note in with your child, or message me on Remind. Thanks.

   Oct 28

Spelling Words For the Week of October 28

We will be working on present, past, and future tense verbs this week.


   Oct 24

Social Studies Map Quiz

Students will be taking a social studies map quiz on Monday October 28. They should have brought home the maps they made to study from. Students will need to be able to label the Great Lakes, the two peninsulas, sand dunes, mountains, forests, apple orchards, the Mackinac Bridge, Dearborn and our state capital, Lansing.

   Oct 21

Week of October 21

This week:
Monday, October 21: Bingo for Books, 4:00-5:00
Students must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or more

Wednesday, October 23: Picture Day
Exact change is required if paying in cash

Our PTA is collecting bags of candy for our annual Halloween Parade

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