Math Test

This Friday I will be giving the students the math test for this unit. Don’t worry, it wasn’t graded!  It is on measuring to the nearest half inch, line plots, area, and perimeter.  I gave them back the pretest they took in January today. They do not need to do anything to this pretest, just use it as a study guide.  Tomorrow in class we will be going over it together.  The test will be very similar.  Please make sure they bring the pretest back to school tomorrow.


Lunch Menu Change for 2/12

Due to the snow day on Friday, the lunch menu for today has changed.

First choice is quesadilla, second choice is peanut butter and jelly.

Spelling Words for the Week of February 12

  1. where
  2. wear
  3. bored
  4. board
  5. plain
  6. plane
  7. flower
  8. flour
  9. flu
  10. flew
  11. hi
  12. high
  13. new
  14. knew
  15. no
  16. know
  17. to
  18. two
  19. too

Social Studies Test

Due to Friday’s snow day, I will be giving the social studies test on Tuesday. We will review tomorrow in class.

Data Meeting

I will be having a parent data meeting on Tuesday February 13 at 9:40-10:25.  At this meeting I will be going over DRA and NWEA  scores.  I hope to see you there.

Social Studies


Monday February 12, students will be taking the unit test in social studies.  They should be bringing home their packet daily to study from.



On Monday I sent home the directions for a social studies project.  This project is due on February 27.  The students chose a time period that we learned about.  They need to bring in two 3-d artifacts that represent this time period.  They will also need to write at least one paragraph about this time period in Michigan’s history and describe the artifacts they brought in.  The students also need to dress up as a person from this time period.  They will be presenting this whole school at a date to be determined so they need to be able to orally describe their time period.


Below are some ideas for the 3-d artifacts


Log Cabin






Spelling Words for the Week of February 5

Students will need to not only spell the word correctly, they will need to know the meaning of each word.


  1. aunt
  2. ant
  3. blew
  4. blue
  5. ate
  6. eight
  7. waist
  8. waste
  9. maid
  10. made
  11. weight
  12. wait
  13. past
  14. passed
  15. sum
  16. some
  17. there
  18. they’re
  19. their
  20. your
  21. you’re

Report Cards

Report cards were sent home today.  Please look over the report cards.  The report cards can stay at home.  Please sign and return the attached white sheet so that I know you have seen the report card.  Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Spelling Words For The Week Of January 20

  1. pink
  2. ankle
  3. ask
  4. camper
  5. jumped
  6. sink
  7. banker
  8. desk
  9. swamp
  10. lamp
  11. bold
  12. area
  13. territory
  14. poetry
  15. stanza

Spelling Words for the Week of January 22

  1. wring
  2. wrist
  3. wrench
  4. knife
  5. knot
  6. knight
  7. know
  8. knee
  9. writing
  10. wreck
  11. compare
  12. contrast
  13. perimeter
  14. severe
  15. pioneer