Ms. Donoghue's Third Grade Class

Dearborn Public Schools

   Jun 02

Wednesday Pick Up of Student Belongings

Hello Geer Park Community,

Thank you to everyone who came to Geer Park today and picked up their child’s personal belongings and materials.

We only have 90 bags left!

We would like to have 100% of them picked up. With that said, we will be having one last pick-up day tomorrow, Wednesday, June 3rd.

See below:

Dear Parent/Guardian,

On Wednesday, June 3rd, you will be able to pick up your child’s personal belongings from school.  In addition, you will receive your child’s year end certificates.  We are also asking that parents return some student items back to the school when they arrive.  For example, library books, LLI books, instruments & safety belts, etc. 

Please follow the established guidelines so we can ensure the safety of our students, parents, and staff members.  Please wear a mask during curbside pick-up.

Thank you for your support 

Student Material Distribution – 

Student Material Distribution, Wednesday, June 3rd-

  1.  Parents will enter the staff/visitor parking lot.  Please remember to stay in your car for curbside pick-up.
  2. Student Personal Belongings will be distributed by staff members assigned to one of the  four locations adjacent to the parking lot.
  3. Parents/Students will stay in their vehicles at all times. 
  4. Please write your child’s full name on a sheet of paper and hand it to the staff member when you pull up.  Please write clearly and neatly. Thank you. 
  5. Remember, if you have an item that needs to be returned, please label it and bring it to school at that time.  For example, library books, LLI books, instruments & safety belts, etc. 
  6. We will be distributing belongings by last names.  It is important to come at the assigned times for quicker service.   Please see the times below:

10:00 – 12:00 Last names: A-Z

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