Ms. Donoghue's Third Grade Class

Dearborn Public Schools

   Apr 25

Elementary Grading Criteria – COVID-19 School Shutdown

Dear Students and Parents,

Students will be graded on the work that they complete. The criteria is listed below.

For the current (4th) marking period:

“Students receive feedback on weekly assignments in the form of narrative comments.

  • Meeting:  regularly submitted work and attended check-ins
    • Accuracy of work assessed on standards/graded/recorded in MiStar
    • High participation
  • Progressing:  Submitted most assignments and attended some of the check-ins
  • Limited Participation:  with one of the following explanations
    • Rarely or did not submit work (may be required to attend summer school)
    • Rarely attended check-in sessions (may be required to attend summer school)
    • Family hardship during the time of instruction (summer support offered)”

Again, students, please review all of this information, continue to check your teacher’s iblog site and emails, daily.

….and remember, communicate with your teacher if you have any questions.

P.S. – Parents, If your family is facing any difficulties at this time, please notify your child’s teacher.


Mr. Lawera and the Geer Park Team!

   Apr 23

Friday Google Hangouts

I will not have a regular Google hangouts tomorrow. I will be available for one on one meetings for the students to go over their writing with me. I put a sign up sheet for the students on my Google Classroom

   Apr 19

Schedule for the Week of April 19

Here is the schedule for this week. Students need to make sure that they read through the whole schedule. They should double check the schedule daily to see what they need to do for that day. Assignments will not show up on Google Classroom until the day that each assignment should be worked on.

   Apr 18

Dear Parents,
I will be sending out the schedule of next week’s work on Sunday. Please make sure your child finishes this week’s work.

   Apr 14

An Assignment From Mrs. Masiarczyk

Here is an assignment from Mrs. Masiarczyk! She wants you to create exercise stations. She would love to see a picture of you exercising. Her email address is in the document.

   Apr 14

Google Hangout Meeting Today

Just a reminder that I will be having a Google Meeting today at 1:00. We will be going over the work for math lesson 3. I will put the link and nickname on Google Classroom and Remind about 5 minutes before. From 1:00-1:10 I will give you time to say hi to each other then at 1:10 we will start going over the math.

   Apr 14

A Message From Mrs. Lograsso


I hope everyone is staying inside and safe.
I have been on maternity leave since mid-February and am back as of today. I will be posting assignments on my blog. I will be available to contact through email for questions or to turn in assignments.
Watch my blog in the next 24 hours for assignments for this week.
My blog can be found at
You can email me at .

Thank you!
Mrs. Lograsso

   Apr 12

Schedule for the Week of April 13

Here is the schedule for this week. Please read through the whole schedule. I will be having some Google meetings on some days to go over the classwork.

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