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   Nov 18

Week of November 19

This week will be a short week.  We only have school Monday and Tuesday due to the Thanksgiving holiday.  Hope everyone has a restful and enjoyable Thanksgiving break (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday no school.)

Here is our plan for this week:

ReadingKnow and use various text features (e.g., headings, tables of contents, glossaries, electronic menus, icons) to locate key facts or information in a text.

Writing: We will work on a small moment to write a personal narrative.

Math: We will solve word problems by subtracting from 10 and 9.

Science: We are learning about sound and what causes sound.

Social Studies: Use components of culture (e.g., foods, language, religion, traditions) to describe diversity in family life.

Pizza sale every Monday in the cafeteria.

Have a great week!

   Nov 14

Homework for 11/15

Today your child has math homework and reading for 20 minutes.  Please make sure they spend some time on I-Ready for reading work, and Zearn for Math.

Parent teacher conferences continue tomorrow with the remaining parents/students.  Look for a reminder note in your child’s backpack tomorrow.

   Nov 11

Week of 11/12

Here is what students will learn this week:

Spelling: chill, chick, chop, chip, chin, chimp, funny, was, but, out

Reading: In reading we will ask and answer questions about key details in a text.

Writing:  We will work on writing personal narratives (a small moment story), using transition words (first, next, finally) and a sense of closure.

Math: We will solve story problem with three addends, by making a ten strategy.

Science: We will start a new unit about light and sound.  This week we will investigate what causes sound.

Social Studies Use components of culture (e.g., foods, language, religion, traditions) to describe diversity in family life.  Students will have to complete a family tree project at home about their families.

Pizza sale every Monday.  Pizza slices are $1.00 and a whole pizza costs $8.00

Parent teacher conferences will continue this Tuesday and Thursday.  Please look in your child’s folder for a reminder.

Have a great week!

   Nov 08

Homework for Friday 11/9

Tomorrow is our spelling test.  Please practice!

Also, don’t forget to go on Zearn and I-Ready.

   Nov 07

I-Ready Help

If you have trouble logging into I-Ready here are some directions to help you log in.  I hope this helps.

Students will need to go to   They should log in with their account (user  If someone else  is logged in,  the Clever link will NOT work.  The other user must log off of Clever for another person to log in.  Once the student has logged in with their account, they can go to the Clever link and they will be able to access their I-Ready accounts.

   Nov 07

Homework for Thursday 11/8

Students have to solve story problems with 3 addends.  They have to find two of the numbers that make a “friendly” 10, or “easy” 10,  then count on to add the third number.

Don’t forget to practice reading on I-ready and math on Zearn.

***Parent teacher conferences for some parents will be tomorrow.  Please check the form that was sent home last week and also please be on time.  The rest of the parents will meet with me next week, either on the 13th or 15 of November.

   Nov 05

No School Tuesday, November 6

There will be no school tomorrow, Tuesday, November 6 because of voting.  Please go out and vote!

Homework for today and tomorrow is spelling, and math.  Please go on I-ready for extra reading practice and Zearn for extra math.  The student with the most practice on these websites receive a prize on Fridays.

Have fun practicing!

   Nov 04

The Week of 11/5

Here is what we will be doing this week:

Spelling:  fish, wish, push,fresh, wash, mash, so, do, find, three

ReadingStudents use the illustrations and details in a text to describe its key ideas.

Writing: We will write narratives in which students recount two or more appropriately sequenced events, include some details regarding what happened, use temporal words to signal event order, and provide some sense of closure.

Math: We will solve addition story problems with 3 addends.

Science:  We will continue to make observations about the Earth, weather, and the moon.

Social Studies: We will use components of culture (e.g., foods, language, religion, traditions) to describe diversity in family life.

Don’t forget that we have no school on Tuesday, November 6 due to voting day.  Please go out and vote! 🙂

   Nov 01

Friday 11/2

Don’t forget that we have a half day of school tomorrow.  School is dismissed at 11:45 a.m.

Homework:  Practice spelling for spelling test, and counting by twos. Also, go on I-Ready for reading,  and Zearn for math.

   Oct 31

Homework for tomorrow, November 1st

Since today is Halloween and many children go trick-or-treating, the only homework for today is to read, go on I-Ready and Zearn.

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