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   Sep 21

NWEA Test Your Device-Very Important to do This

Tomorrow we will practice how to take the NWEA test. I will show them how to take the test.

First you need to test your device.

To test your device go to this website on the same chromebook that your child will take the test on. Go Here:


Follow the directions to test the device. DO EXACTLY WHAT THEY TELL YOU TO DO!

You have to test your device to make sure that they are able to take the NWEA test on that device (most of you have chromebooks from school so the test will be fine.)

When you are done it will give you a green check or a red x. Please let me know if you get a red X.

We need your help during testing of the devices.

Thank you so much!

   Sep 21

Monday News

What a great job first graders did last week! Parents you should be proud of them. They are getting used to learning online, they are learning to follow directions, to mute and unmute when they have to, and they are working hard completing their assignments on Schoology. Keep up the great work!

Here are the specials schedule:

Monday: Gym

Tuesday: Art

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: Media

Friday: Science Enrichment

Please go on Schoology and follow each Specials page from 1:00 -1:54 p.m.

Students have to stay on Zoom the whole time from 8:55-11:45 and return after lunch at 12:30 p.m. If they do not return they will be marked absent. Students have to participate, that means that if I ask them a question they need to answer, and stay with the video on the whole synchronous time. Most students are doing a great job with this. Keep up the great work!

See you at 8:55 on Zoom!

Happy Monday!

   Sep 17

Daily Routine and Schedule

Classroom Procedures Clipart - Clip Art Library intended for Classroom  Procedures Clipart19342 | Clip art, Math clipart, Preschool center signs

Here is a tentative schedule. Please know that this might change. Breaks might be at different times as I might give a break to students as I see needed. Students need to be logged on all morning and have the cameras on at all times.

8:55-10:15- Math (whole group zoom)

10:10-10:20- Snack 

10:30-11:45- Reading/Writing (whole group zoom)

11:45-12:25- Lunch

12:25-1:00- Social Studies/ Give directions for the afternoon (whole group zoom)

1:00- 1:54- Specials ( See Schoology with Specials Schedule)

1:55-3:50- Independent work or asynchronous (small group instruction coming soon)

*** This schedule is subject to change with more information! What is most important is that students know to be logged into zoom at 8:55 am, and at 12:30 pm. 

Have a great day!

   Sep 14

Tuesday Schedule

Here is the schedule for Tuesday

8:55-11:45 Live lessons with Mrs. Donelson (Math first, Reading second)

11:45-12:30 Lunch

12:30- 1:00 Live lesson with Mrs. Donelson (Social Studies)

1:00-2:00 Special—-Art

2:00-3:50 Students do asynchronous work that is posted on Schoology. Work must be done by the end of the day at 3:50 p.m.

Have a great day!

P.S. I will be testing these students on Tuesday

1:30 Huda

2:00 Alsadeek

2:30 Mohammedali

3:00 Sana

3:30 Younis

Please be on time and wear a face mask. If you have COVID or have been in contact with someone who had COVID in the last 14 days please stay home and call the office. We will reschedule after you have quarantined yourself for 14 days.

Thank you!

   Sep 14


Mrs. Beidoun is our para-professional that works with students in our class and with me. If you have any questions, or need someone to speak in Arabic please email her at and she will call you and help you the best that she can.

Thank you.

Mrs. Donelson

Mrs. Beidoun

   Sep 14

Testing Students Monday

Here is who I will be testing today:

Please be on time, wear a mask and stay socially distanced. Also, if you have been around someone sick with COVID in the last 14 days, please call the school and we will reschedule. Thank you!

2:00 Ezziah

2:30 Safa

3:00 Huda

3:30 Ali Saeed

3:30 Younis

I will see everyone at 8:55 on Zoom.

Have a great day!

   Sep 10

Testing Today

Here are the students that should come to school today to be tested. Please be on time as we have to social distance. Don’t forget to wear a mask!

If you have been around someone with COVID in the last 14 days, please call the school and cancel the appointment. We will have to reschedule for a later time. Thank you for your safety and consideration.

12:30 Shayma

1:00 Tayma

1:30 Mousa A

1:45 Younis

2:00 Manaf

2:30 Jory

See you soon!

   Sep 10

Thursday, September 10 Schedule

We had 20 students present yesterday. Hopefully we will have all 26 students present today as we figure out the problems with the internet, Zoom and Schoology. Thank you for your patience as we are all learning the new technology platform.

Here is the plan for today:

8:55- 11:45 Live lessons with Mrs. Donelson

8:55- 10:25 Math Live lesson with Mrs. Donelson

10:25-11:45 Reading/Writing Live lesson with Mrs. Donelson

11:45-12:30 LUNCH

12:30-1:00 Lesson with Mrs. Donelson/asynchronous work (students complete assignments in Schoology)

1:00-2:00 Special Media

2:00-3:50 Asynchronous work (students complete assignments in Schoology)

   Sep 09

Testing Today

Here are the students that I will be testing today. Please be on time.

12:30 Elias

1:00 Mousa Baadani

1:30 Waseem

2:00 Muhamed H

2:30 Abdulaziz

3:00 Ahmad

   Sep 09

How to Login to Schoology and Zoom

First go to the Dearborn Public School Page and click on Schoology:

Next click on my picture:

Last, click on Zoom. It is a yellow box called First Grade Zoom Meeting. Click and wait until I let everyone in the classroom.

Be patient, there are many glitches and it takes time to get used to anything new.

Hope to see everyone soon!

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