Valentine’s Day Activities

For Valentine’s day the class will be decorating a box and a cookie. One of our mom’s has kindly agreed to bake some delicious cookies for the children to decorate with frosting and other goodies for the occasion!

I am asking each family to send your child to school with some kind of box to decorate! It could be a shoe box, and empty cereal box, an empty Kleenex box, etc. We will decorate this box during the day with materials provided here at school! After the boxes are completed, the children who bring Valentine’s, will have an opportunity to pass them out. 

If you would like to send in Valentine’s with your child to pass out to the class, please be aware of the following:

  1. Valentine’s should be prepared at home with the “To:” left blank and the “From:” filled in with your child’s name. It takes far too long for your child to try to read each child’s name and pass it out to them, which is why I ask that you leave the “To:” blank.
  1. There are 24 students in class. Please make sure to send one valentine for each child!
  1. Please do not create boy valentine’s and girl valentine’s as it complicates the process of passing all of them out!

Thank you for your assistance in helping our Valentine activities run smoothly!


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