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We finished all NWEA testing and reports will come home next week!

Thank you for your patience as it was a long month of testing! New books and our regularly scheduled reading block will resume next week!

Upcoming Events

2/5 Late Start – arrival at 9:35am

2/5 Scholastic Book Order Due

2/6 Spelling Test #4: is, go, we, big, dig, pig, wig, zig, jig (And one more cold word belonging to the word family – ig. Practice extra -ig words with your child such as gig, fig, sprig, rig, etc.)

2/6 100th Day GLOW PARTY!!! Make sure to send your child to school wearing their 100th day white t-shirt

2/7 No School for Young 5’s and Kindergarten ONLY!!!

2/10 Spirit Week – Pajama Day!

2/11 Spirit Week – Mismatch Day!

2/12 Spirit Week – Sports Gear OR Crazy Hair Day!

2/13 Spirit Week – Haigh Spirit Wear!

2/14 Spirit Week – Wear Red!

2/14 — Remember to send in some sort of box for your child to decorate for Valentine’s Day!!!

2/14 Valentine activities. Send Valentine’s to school with your child to pass out (if you like) and be sure to send in a blank box for them to decorate during the day (every child needs to bring some kind of box to decorate)!

2/14 Spelling Test #5: for, up, look, hop, pop, top, cop, mop, bop (And one more cold word belonging to the word family – op. Practice extra -op words with your child such as shop, chop, stop, flop, etc.)

2/17 – 2/21 MID-WINTER BREAK!!!

2/28 Spelling Test #6: like, see, my, if, and, fun, run, bun, sun (And one more cold word belonging to the word family – un. Practice extra -un words with your child such as spun, gun, etc.)

Agenda for the Week

Reading & Writing:  This week we began our writing journals for “work on writing” during Daily 5. The kids are excited about their journals and are pushing themselves to write more than one sentence. I gave each child a topic sheet to help them think of things to write about. I also encouarge them to use their imaginations and make up animals or habitats which only exist in their minds. They think this is super fun and together in class as a whole group we created a horsiphant. This is an elephant and a horse combined!

Please continue to have your child practice writing sentences at home by pretending they are holding an imaginary rubberband and stretching it as they slowly say the word they are trying to spell.

Math: We are working hard to learn about number bonds! The children are pretty good at identifying the parts of the number bond (part, part, whole), but some are still having some difficulty. The children are understanding the part plus the other part equals the whole, but it much more difficult for them when they are given the whole and have to break it apart into two numbers.

Science: We continue talking about polar habitats and the animals which live there. We are learning about different animals who live in the cold and how they are able to survive in this habitat. This week we focused on penguins!

Social Studies:  We are still discussing the concepts of past, present, and future.

Housekeeping Items:

Indoor Lineup

Indoor lineup is now at the 5th grade doors. Remember, even during indoor lineup, no parents are allowed in the building unless you have signed in at the front office.

Winter Apparel

Please practice putting on and taking off coats, boots, shoes, scarves, gloves, etc. As well as buttoning/zipping coats and tying their own shoes. Your child should be able to do all of these things independently!


Please make sure to empty the folder each night! It is very difficult and time consuming to locate homework or important notes when the folder is full of papers from the day before. Please be sure to send the folder to school each day. It is a big part of our arrival and dismissal routines and the folders help the children keep all of their papers organized.


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