Spelling words

Oops! I forgot to put the spelling words! This week’s words are: no, he, of, den, men, hen, ten, pen, then and bonus words Ben and when. Again, the Jack Hartmann “-en” words video is a good tool.

Mrs. Smith

Monday Morning

Good Morning! I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend! We have another short week this week, with a half-day Thursday and no school Friday or Monday. Please take note that, due to Congressman Dingell’s funeral at Divine Child, the area around school will be quite congested. There is expected to be icy/snowy weather as well, so there is a slight possibility that school will be cancelled. I am sending home some extra worksheets just in case there is no school. I would like to give the Spelling Test on Thursday, so additional help at home with the words would be greatly appreciated!

A few students have brought in their “mailboxes” for Valentine’s Day cards, which we will celebrate on Wednesday. The boxes look great so far! If there is no school tomorrow, please remember to bring it on Wednesday. Also on Wednesday, we will celebrate the 100th day in school! I am sending home a note today that will explain a few of the fun things we will do on Wednesday.

Have a great day!

Mrs. Smith

Tuesday update


Just a reminder that tomorrow is a Late Start Day, assuming the weather doesn’t change this status. I am sending home a couple of worksheets. I am not saying there isn’t, but just in case. I would really like to give the Spelling Test on Thursday, even if there is no school tomorrow. As such, please work with your child on the words in anticipation of a Thursday test. Again, those words are: me, on, do, she, cap, map, nap, tap, clap, snap. There is a Jack Hartmann video “-ap” that the kids love to follow. We did a couple of worksheets in-class today, and they are doing very well with this week’s words. Some of them have begun practicing spelling words and numbers on the back of in-class worksheets. It’s so awesome that they are taking such interest in the words and numbers! Please keep up the good work with them!

Tee shirt orders will be due on Thursday. Also, I am still awaiting the return of signed report card envelopes. Please return them as soon as possible.

There is no school for Kindergarten on Friday.

Have a great day!

Mrs. Smith


Correction to previous blog

Hello again,

In my previous blog, I said tee shirt orders should be paid by check. Please correct this. Exact cash only will be accepted. Sorry for any confusion.

Mrs. Smith

Notes for the week of February 4th


We had a rather unusual week! We will get back into the swing of things next week, however. The Spelling words for the week of February 4th will be: me, on, do, she, cap, map, nap, tap, clap, snap. The test will be given on Thursday.

For your planning purposes, there is a Late Start on Wednesday, the 6th, and Kindergarten only will not have school on Friday, February 8th.

Please read through all of the notes that are being sent home, as there are many. Candy Gram sales begin on Monday, the 4th and conclude on the 6th. Delivery will be on Monday the 11th. Please read the note for details. Lunch calendars and PTA calendars are being sent home also. The Box Tops fundraiser begins on Monday, the 4th. Please save all of the Box Tops and turn them in periodically, as each classroom will be competing for the most! School Store is on the 7th. There is a Family Valentine’s Day dance in the gym on the 8th that goes from 6:30-8pm.

On Monday, the 4th, we will be sending tee shirt order forms home for the Kindergarten classes. Completed forms, along with check payment, must be returned no later than Thursday. Also on Monday, I will be sending a letter home regarding the Valentine’s Day activity. This also happens to be the 100th Day of school, and a letter will be sent home about these activities on the 11th. As such, we will not be having a full party, but rather just distributing Valentine’s Day cards to our friends. I previously sent a blog notice about the “mailboxes” the students may decorate and bring in. The note is just a reminder about that, along with a sample picture. We will give the cards to our friends on Wednesday, the 13th at the end of the day. Valentine’s Day is a 1/2 day of school. We will be making a couple of Valentine’s Day crafts that the students are very excited about!

If you have questions about anything I mentioned above, feel free to ask!

Mrs. Smith


Winter weather


I hope you all enjoyed your snow day yesterday! There is no word as of now about Wednesday and/or Thursday. However, we are preparing for cancellations. Assuming there is no school, and having missed Monday already, we have decided not to give this week’s Spelling test. I may introduce this week’s words on Friday, but the #7 test will be given next Thursday. I am going to send home some worksheets for you to work on the next few days, since I’d already copied many sets. Jack Hartmann has videos that we have been watching that helps introduce word sets. I will try to send it, but if I am not able, you can google “Jack Hartmann ‘-ap’ words” and it will bring it up. The kids love him! They also love “Jack Hartmann 5s and 10s” videos!

I am also sending a Scholastic magazine and a sheet labeling penguins. We have been learning about the Arctic habitat, the animals that live in it, and the weather. We will have an assessment next week (hopefully!). These sheets do not have to be returned, they are practice fo you to do while you are stuck in the house!

Many of you returned the signed envelope that contained the report cards. Thank you! Only the signed envelope needs to be returned, the report card is your copy.

Please return the signed Spelling booklet on Friday from last week’s test. Most did very well!

I am returning the Timeline that was turned in last week. Everyone did a fantastic job! It was such a treat to see the kids as they have grown!

I don’t know if we will hear about a possible cancellation before school gets out. If I do, I will send out another blog notice asap.

Thanks so much!

Mrs. Smith

Valentine’s Day “mailbox”


We are still working on the Valentine’s Day activities. However, in anticipation of that day, we will need something for the students to collect the Valentine cards from their friends. This idea uses tissue boxes with the top cut out, and it is what my sons used throughout their elementary years. You may be as creative as you wish. I have found that the bigger tissue boxes work the best, as they may be receiving 23 Valentine cards. Again, we have 24 students, in class. Please just sign the “from” part of the card, not the “to”. It is just too chaotic trying to get the card to the specific student. The decorated boxes can be brought to school any day the week of the February 11th. The Kinder/Pre-K classes have not made a final decision on a party, but we will for sure do the cards!


Mrs. Smith

Valentine Mailbags and Mailboxes


Hello! I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend, and 1/2 day off today! Just a few reminders for your planning purposes:

The Timeline Project is due on Thursday. Today’s 1/2 day provides a great opportunity to work on it.

We will still take the Spelling test on Friday. We will review the words every day, but the students should be working on them at home as well. Many of the words will look familiar as they are sight words, and the rest of the words end in “-un”. Please remember to sign the Spelling booklet from last week’s test and return it in your child’s folder tomorrow. We will need it for Friday’s test.

As always, reading each night is a great way to spend quiet time with your child, and makes them better readers as well.

Have a great day!

Mrs. Smith

Happy Weekend~

Hello! We made it to the end of the second marking period! We took the first NWEA test this week, in reading. Math will be administered on Tuesday. I don’t have the results of the assessment as yet, will will share them just as soon as I am able. I don’t have the date the report cards will be sent home, but will let you know as soon as I find that out.

Timeline projects are due next Thursday, the 24th. This long weekend would be a perfect time to work on it with your child. We will be sharing the projects in class starting Thursday, so please make every effort to send it in on time. I can’t wait to see them!

As you know, next Monday is MLK day, and there is no school. I will introduce the spelling words on Tuesday, but are listing them here. If you get a chance, please use the long weekend to work with your child on them as well. They are as follows: like, see, my, if, and, fun, run, bun, sun, spun. A few of them are sight words, and we have been working on identifying new sight words as well.  As the children are reading, many times they will see a sight word. They get so excited when that happens!

Tuesday is a half-day, and dismissal will be at 11:40 once again.

The field trip was a rousing success! We were so proud of the Haigh students and their behavior! Great job!

I am in the process of planning the Valentine’s Day party, which falls on yet another half-day. A note should be coming home in the next week or so. If you wish to buy Valentine’s for your child to distribute, please remember to have your child sign the “from” part only on the Valentine, not the “to”. It’s too time-consuming to try to hand out the card to specific children. I will let you know if we need any donations, as well as items that shouldn’t be included.

I hope you have a wonderful long weekend!

Mrs. Smith

We made it through the first week back!

Hello! We had a really good first week after the long break, even though we had indoor recess due to the cold at the end of the week.

Next week will be a busy one, and a shortened one as well. Thursday is the field trip in the morning. You won’t need to send a snack, but we will be back for lunch. We will make hot lunch choices before we depart. There will not be food or snacks available at the theater, so please don’t send money towards that end. Friday is a half-day, with dismissal at 11:40. There is no school on Monday, January 21st, for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday, and Tuesday, the 22nd, is another half-day.

Spelling words for next week are: for, up, look, hop, pop, top, cop,mop, stop, bop. I will give the Spelling test on Friday. We are going to begin a Science segment on Polar Animals and Habitats. You will be seeing projects along these lines. On Monday, please look for a note regarding a Timeline Project we will be assigning. It is due on January 24th. This is always a very popular project, and the students look forward to sharing how they have grown over the years. I look forward to seeing this myself!

We will be having NWEA testing on Tuesday morning. Along with the NWEA testing, Directed Reading Assessments (DRA) will be going on this month. After this is complete, I will make reading level book changes as appropriate. I have been assessing the student’s progress regarding the alphabet and sight words, too. It’s exciting to see how much they have progressed! They are almost half-way through Kindergarten! Report cards will go out by the end of January. I’ll alert you when they are in the students’ folders.

As the weather remains cold, please teach them how to zip their own jacket. I, literally, don’t have time at the end of the day to zip all of their jackets, and it’s a task they should be attempting now. Thanks so much!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to address them with me.

Mrs. Smith

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