I hope you enjoyed your extra day this past weekend!  We will have a busy week, and fun activities at the end before the Holiday Break.

The Spelling test will be on Thursday again this week. The words are as follows: it, in, said, jet, met, pet, wet. For now, there are 7 words on the test. We will go to 10 after the Break. Please look over the Spelling test from last Thursday, sign it and have your child return the booklet tomorrow (Tuesday).

On Thursday, we will end the day with the PBIS celebration for December. We will watch Polar Express after lunch, and the students can have the snacks they purchased last week.

Friday is our Holiday celebration! Mrs. Hamid and Mrs. Wallace will be coming in to prepare the yummy pancakes first thing in the morning.  Students may wear pajamas for the “breakfast”. They can bring slippers, but must wear street shoes to school (that will be appropriate for gym). We will have the Holiday Party after lunch. If you have not been notified to help with the party, please refrain from coming. I provided the names of the parents who will be assisting to the office, they are the only adults who will be allowed to come. Thank you for your understanding.

I hope you have a wonderful 2 weeks off! Please continue to read with your child over the Break.

Mrs. Smith

Happy Monday!


I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! These next two weeks are going to be be busy and full of fun events!

First of all, the students took their first Spelling test on Friday, and most did very well! The Spelling books will be in your child’s folder today. Please take a minute to go over it with your child. It needs to be signed and returned tomorrow, Tuesday. Thanks!

This Thursday will be our Gingerbread Scavenger Hunt! The Gingerbread projects are due today. If you haven’t completed it, please return it tomorrow. It should include the decorated Gingerbread person, the plan and the Escape.

Wednesday is a Late Start Day. The bell will ring at 9:35.

We will have this week’s Spelling Test on Thursday. This week’s words are: to, am, you, can, man, tan, pan, ran, fan, van. We will be working on these words everyday, and I encourage you to quiz your child at home as well.

There is no school for the Kindergarten classes on Friday. Please make a note in your calendar.

Next week Friday, our last day before Break, will be our Pajama Day and Pancake Breakfast! The homeroom moms are coordinating this super fun activity. More information to follow. Thursday is the PBIS celebration with a movie.

I know this is quite a bit to remember. I will send out more notes as needed.

Have a great day!

Mrs. Smith

Gingerbread project

Hello and happy Friday! Just a reminder that the Gingerbread project is due on Monday. Please include the Disguise Planning Guide and Escape report with the decorated gingerbread. I look forward to seeing the creative work the students have done!

Some of our friends are still coming to school without hat and mittens to go outside. We will go out whenever possible for some fresh air.

Thanks and have a great weekend!

Mrs. Smith

Monday, 12/3

Hello! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

This week marks the first Spelling test for the class. The words are as follows: the, I, a cat, bat, rat and hat. This list is also on the Homework in your child’s folder. Please practice spelling the words with your child, and we will be working hard on them in class.

We have begun using DOJO points in class for behavior issues. Positive DOJO points are given for good behavior, and negative points for any bad choices. Quite a few classes at Haigh are using this program. At this time, it is only for in-class behavior monitoring. Once the program gets tweaked a bit more, I will invite parents to join. As always, discussions with your child about making good choices will enhance the learning process for everyone.

We are going to be doing a Gingerbread Scavenger Hunt next week! You will find the information and a gingerbread cutout to decorate in your child’s backpack today. Please read the information, and send it back completed no later than next Monday, the 10th. The Scavenger Hunt will be on the 13th.

Upcoming events in December:

December 11th–Ugly Sweater Bingo for Books from 6-7 in the cafeteria

December 13th–School Store

December 14th–No School for Kindergarten

December 19th–Candy Gram Sales begin, delivery is the 21st.

December 20th–PBIS celebration

December 21st–Pajama day, “Polar Express” movie and Pancake Breakfast! More info will be coming regarding this event.


If you have any questions, please let me know.

Mrs. Smith

Thursday notes

Good morning,

First of all, I need to apologize. I was unfamiliar with the popcorn sales, and I dropped the ball. I didn’t send home the slips, so the kids will not get popcorn this time. Again, I apologize.

Permission slips and money are due tomorrow (Friday) for the field trip to the Marquis Theater. I have received only a few so far. Please remember I need both the slip and exact cash. Thanks so much!

We have Book Checkout tomorrow (Friday). Please send library books that may be at your house, as your child won’t be able to check-out a new book until the previous one has been returned.

We have finished Module 2 in Math, and I have begun assessments. The completed workbook will go home either today or tomorrow. Please take a few minutes to look at the book with your child. They worked very hard, and you will also get to see the progress they have made since August. These books should not be returned to school.

As always, if you have any questions (or I have forgotten anything!) feel free to let me know.


Mrs. Smith

November 26-30th

Hello! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! We are going to hit the ground running this week, we have lots to get done!

A permission slip is coming home today for the field trip to the Marquis Theater on January 17th from 9-noon, No chaperones will be needed for this trip, Homeroom Moms will be attending with us. Permission slips and money are due by this Friday. Exact cash only will be accepted. Any money other than exact cash will be returned.

We will be taking an End-of-Module Math test this week on 2D and 3D shapes. Please find objects around the house such as spheres, cones, cylinders and cubes that will help your child identify them for the test. We will, also, take a Science Assessment on weather. As always, reading every night will help your student develop stronger skills. They love to read with me during Daily 5!

We will begin Spelling Tests next week. Lists will come home, and we will practice the words during the days leading up to the Friday test.

I’m still learning the Blog that Mrs. Dimitriou posted each week. I wanted to get this out today so you will look for the Permission Slip and return it as soon as possible.

If I think of something else that I feel you need, I will post again this week. As always, please feel free to ask any question that you may have.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Smith

Baby Stella is here!


My name is Mrs. Smith, and I am the Long-term Substitute for Mrs. Dimitriou while she is at home with Stella. I am very excited to say that Stella entered the world on Wednesday evening, and weighed in at 7 pounds, 15 ounces and is 21 inches long! Mom and Baby are doing well, and expect to go home today.

I want to tell you alittle bit about myself. First of all, I am the mom of two adult sons, raised in Dearborn and attended Dearborn Public Schools. I have, probably, felt every emotion you feel sending your child off to school, and especially with a Sub Teacher. I have spent quite a bit of time in Mrs. Dimitriou’s class this year. I know your children, and I also know Mrs. Dimitriou’s expectations. My goal is to make this time as seamless as possible for your child, and to continue the progress they have already made. I have been a sub for 10 years now, and have taught children of all ages and abilities. I have Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. If you ever have a question, please feel free to ask. Like I said, I have been where you are with my own children. Any question will be handled with discretion and respect. I will be checking Mrs. Dimitriou’s email daily. If you have a question of a personal nature that you wish only Mrs. Dimitriou to address, simply put “Personal” in the subject line, and I will alert her to it. I will not be offended in any way.

Monday is the TumbleBus experience! Please dress your child in clothing appropriate for tumbling, including tennis shoes and no dresses on the girls. Mrs. Hamid will be escorting the children to the bus, and will be assisting them while I stay in the classroom. Thanks so much, Mrs. Hamid!

As the weather continues to get colder, please make sure you are sending winter jackets, hats, gloves and boots. We will go outside for recess most every day, weather permitting. Also, please remember that Kindergarten dismisses beginning at 3:30. After 3:40, I will close the door and walk the children to the office, per school rules.

I look forward to these next few weeks with your children, and I also look forward to meeting you and helping make Kindergarten a success.

Thank you,

Mrs. Smith

Lost Headphones

Someone brought in headphones today but they were not labeled and were found on the floor. They had fallen out of someone’s folder, but we do not know to whom they belong. If you sent these earbuds in with your child today, please send me an email and let me know so I can label the baggie for you and your child can begin using them for Daily 5 and math workshop!



Please email me at


Thank you!

News from the Jungle

In the future, any family who sends in money for permissions slips and it is not exact change, your money and permission slip will be returned to you and your child may miss out on participating in the field trip if the due date has already arrived. I do not have time nor do I have the resources to make change for all of you. Thank you for carefully reading the permission slip directions and following them!


If you have not yet sent headphones in with your child, please do so! They need them for computer time with Mrs. Sellers on Mondays and two times per day with me during Daily 5 and math workshop! A cheap pair from 5 Below will be sufficient.

Thank you!


Our library book check-out time is on Friday afternoons. Due to the timing of our check-out we have missed several weeks because of half days, kindergarten no-school days, and the book fair. We will have check-out next week! Please be sure your child has returned their library book in order to check out a new one!


Upcoming Events

11/16 Haigh School Store

11/19  Scholastic Book Order due

11/21-11/23 NO SCHOOL!!!!

11/30 Popcorn Sale


Agenda for the Week

Reading and Writing: We learned the letters I and R and focused on the sound of each letter. The children brainstormed items that begin with each letter and completed activities which helped them find, identify, and write these letters.


We continue to focus on nouns, verbs, and adjectives. We are trying to use these parts of speech to help us expand our sentences.


This is the video we use in class to help the children understand nouns, adjectives, and verbs:


Here is a video which promotes letter recognition of uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as, letter sounds.

Please remember to watch the How-To videos which I have made to help your child at home with name practice, letter recognition, and letter sound acquisition.

If your child already has mastered these skills, feel free to watch the sight word video or reading comprehension video to help your child continue their academic growth.


Math: We are finishing up our 1 – 10 numeracy unit with addition and subtraction concepts of one more and one less. We are moving into module two which will teach the concepts of 2D and 3D shapes. Please use the videos below to continue to promote counting, addition/subtraction, and shape recognition:

The children continue to practice graphing and tally marks!

For the tally marks we say, ” 1, 2, 3, 4, number 5 shuts the door. 6, 7, 8, 9, number 10 draws the line.” This helps the children to remember when to make the diagonal line.

Image result for tally mark poem

At home, please practice writing numbers 1 – 20 with your child. They should be practicing how to recognize these numbers, as well as be able to write them. Counting objects with one-to-one correspondence is another skill you can work on at home. You may do this while you are giving your child a snack. If you give them grapes for a snack, have them count the grapes one at a time, while moving the grapes from one side of the plate to the other side of the plate.

Below are great videos on subitizing that we use in class:


Here are a few math videos to promote number sense at home:




Below are 2D and 3D shape videos:


Social Studies: We are learning about needs and wants. November is a perfect month for this concept as we will also be discussing the meaning behind thanksgiving and reflecting on things we are thankful for and things which we need to survive versus things we want.


Housekeeping Items:

Headphones: If you have not yet sent in a pair of headphones for your child, please do so as soon as possible. We will be getting on the computers in our room each day, and I would like to set up some routines and procedures for the children to follow using their own headphones during technology time. We ask that you send in a pair of headphones because it is more sanitary for all the children and helps to decrease the occurrence of things such as lice, as well as other things.

Winter Apparel: Please work with your child at home on how to independently put on and take off their own fall and winter clothing items. Thank you!


Name Practice OR Letter Practice

If your child is struggling with writing their name and other letters, it is important that you work with them at home on this skill. We are spending time in class working on these skills, but will be moving on quickly and if your child is struggling to form letters, they will struggle to complete their work. Here is a great resource for handwriting practice:


Snack Time

Please be sure to put the snack in a separate place from their lunch. Please show your child where you will put their snack each day in order to foster independence for them. Sometimes, when the snack is packed inside the lunchbox, the children try to eat their whole lunch at snack time. Thank you for your assistance in separating your child’s snack and lunch.


Snacks should be healthy to provide the children with energy for their day. Please send a simple snack such as fruit, vegetables, cheese, and crackers. Please do not send candy as a snack. Juice and milk are not allowed in our classroom. Please do not send any kind of juice box or milk with your child for snack time. The children may have the juice or milk for lunch in the cafeteria.


ALLERGY ALERT: We have nut allergies in our room. Please make sure that you are not sending any snacks which contain any nuts. Our room is NUT FREE!



Please make sure to empty the folder each night! It is very difficult and time consuming to locate homework or important notes when the folder is full of papers from the day before. Please be sure to send the folder to school each day. It is a big part of our arrival and dismissal routines and the folders help the children keep all of their papers organized.


Change of clothes

Please send in a change of clothes (pants, shirt, underwear, socks) in a gallon bag with their name clearly written on the baggie. My most frequent call home is to ask for parents to bring a change of clothes to school. Even the most disciplined children have accidents at school sometimes. We have so much fun during the day that sometimes the children do not want to stop to use the bathroom when needed. Not only do bathroom accidents happen, but sometimes the playground equipment is wet or the ground is muddy. Having a change of clothes at school makes it easy for me and for you to help your child feel clean and comfortable in the quickest way possible. We will leave the baggie of clothes in their locker at school.

Hat Day

Just a reminder –


Tomorrow is the 50th day of school and to celebrate we are doing a hat day. If your child would like, they may wear a hat to school!

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