“Haigh Last Day of School Drive-Thru”

Evening Haigh Community,

Please do not forget to join us for our “Haigh Last Day of School Drive-Thru”!!! This final chance to see your Haigh classroom , specials, and support teachers is taking place this Thursday from 10:00am-11:30am. We have definitely missed our owls and hope that you are able to come by to see us before Summer officially begins! K-2 families please use the Silvery Lane Drop Off Lane, 3rd-5th grade families please use the Coburn Drop Off Lane. Families that need to pick up medication, please stop by the staff parking lot behind Haigh. Please see the link below that provides more details about the event. For everyone’s safety we do ask that you stay in your car during the drive-thru. We look forward to seeing those that can make it!

Mr. Short

Click here for Drive-Thru Details 


Afternoon Haigh Community,

Our school district would like your feedback on the upcoming school year. When possible, please complete the survey below. This will provide our district office with background information that will be helpful when planning for next year. Thank you for your help and time 🙂

Mr. Short

School ReOpen Committee Parent Survey #1


Keep the learning going over summer break!

Last day of school work! 

I enjoyed getting to know each one of you and wish you a happy and healthy future!

Please reference the How-to Video tab for help promoting learning at home. There are also several videos and resources posted from our “remote learning” months at home. These resources and videos will help the children keep their skills up over the summer.

Reading & Writing                                                                                 

Please continue to read with your child each night. Below are a few questions to ask your child to promote comprehension after reading each story:

  • What was your favorite part of the story? Why?
  • Did this story make you think of anything in your life?
  • Retell the story. What happened in the beginning, middle, and end of the story?

Practice reading and writing the list of spelling words from the year. Here is a list of words for your child to practice:

Spelling Lists 1 – 20

Sight Word Lists

Fun ways to work on spelling these words are as follows:

  • Cut letters out of magazines and glue them on a piece of paper to make the word
  • Rainbow writing (using a different color to write each letter of the word)
  • Make the letters with Play Doh
  • Buy a beach ball and write the words on the ball – then play catch and whatever word your child’s thumb lands on is the word they have to read and spell


  • Work on the addition and subtraction. For support teaching math at home you can reference my how-to video: https://youtu.be/OhN7dhMTm7k
  • Review money. Have your child tell you the name of each coin and how much it is worth. Here is a video which will help with money: Coin Song
  • Talk about telling time. Here is a video to help with this: Telling Time

Websites to visit:

Continue using Raz-kids, Mathseeds, and Readingeggs during the summer. This will help to keep learning going!

Sight Words

Sight Words At Home – Virtual Lesson

Reference this video for ways to help teach sight words at home:

There are lots of different ways to teach sight words, please use whatever strategy works best for your child. You can references pinterest and type in “teaching sight words” to find lots of ideas on how to teach sight words during the summer.

Here are the word lists:

Spelling Lists 1 – 20

Sight Word Lists

Fun Writing Activity

This could be a fun activity to get your child excited about writing! Have them set up their favorite toys out in the sun with paper underneath and trace the figurines. Next they can write about the picture they made!

Writing Video

Writing At Home – Virtual Lesson

Please reference this video:

During the summer, it will be important to keep writing with the children. Over the last several months, I have posted many resources and ideas on how to get your children writing at home. These resources have included narrative, opinion, and informational writing. Practice all of these styles throughout the summer to help your child prepare for first grade!

Lessons for this week

Nouns, Verbs, and Adjectives

This is a simple references sheet that your child could look at to get some ideas when writing to help stretch their sentences and add more detail:

The children always enjoyed listening and watching our videos in class which helped us to remember what each part of speech is and how to use it. 

I have linked the videos below to support their writing at home:

Noun Song

Adjective Song

Verb Rap Song

Retelling – Virtual Lesson

Story Problems

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