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Take a look at this great STEM opportunity

Future Goals – Hockey Scholar uses sports to bring life to science, math and engineering concepts. Through 12 inquiry-based lessons, students explore topics such as phases of matter, forces and motion, and body systems. Here are three examples of Hockey Scholar lessons you can use in your classroom:

Game 1: Prepare the Surface

Phases of Matter

Game 2: The Shot

Forces and Motion

Game 3: Endurance

Body Systems

Students create the perfect ice surface for a hockey game by exploring how temperature affects the motion of water molecules.

Students must shoot a hockey puck into a target area by adjusting their shot force based on the friction of the ice.

Students help a player meet heart and breathing rate target zones and see how the two systems interact during physical activity.

Besides being totally free to use, my favorite part of the program is that you can use whatever lessons you would like, in any order.

Interested? Register here. Want more information? Let’s set up a call or a meeting.

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