Resource Pick Up

Steps for pick up from Mr. Short: 

  1. For maximum protection we will be placing your students’ resources in a brown bag labeled with their First Name, Last Name, grade level and Teacher. 
  2. Pick-up will be a drive through service. Grades K-1-2 will pick up using the Silvery Lane drop off lane. Grades 3-4-5 will pick up using the Coburn drop off lane. 
  3. Parents please place a sign in your passenger window with the names of your student(s)(First Name, Last Name, Grade Level and Teacher. 
  4. When you pull up to the grade level station, we will then place the brown bag of resources into your trunk and you will be all set 🙂  
  5. Returning Haigh Items-We will have bins set up for safety belts, classroom books, library books, etc..Please place items in a clear/plastic bag that is labeled with the classroom teacher’s name or library.  ***These items can be placed in your trunk and we will take out while placing your students brown bag of resources. 

***Following these steps will keep everyone safe and healthy, thank you for your help and cooperation 🙂  

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