Reading Bags

Your child should now have brought home their “book bag”.  Each child has their own bag and will be responsible for bringing it home EVERY night and returning it to school EVERY day.

Your child’s job is to read the book(s) inside the bag every night AT LEAST 3 times (we read it together in class so they should be practicing it at home twice more). Please note that your child may not bring home a new book every night. This reading can be counted toward your 20 minutes of reading each night for your child’s reading log.

Inside of the reading bag you will also find a Reading Response Journal. Inside of this journal you will find homework assignments that match the book we read together that day in our small group. Please have your child complete the assignments so they are prepared to discuss our reading in our small group the next day. Please check the journal nightly to see if there is a new assignment that needs to be completed (there will not be a new one every day). Please keep this journal in the book bag as it will go home every night and come back to school every morning.

Happy Reading!!

Mrs. Chammout

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