November 5, 2021

Hello! It’s been a busy week and I can’t believe we are already through the first week of November. Thanksgiving will be here before you know it! We are in full swing of things, and will be adding an additional job site (Red Lobster) on Monday. Most of the students who are scheduled to go to Red Lobster were not here today – so I’m going to post the work schedule for the entire class, they will remain in effect until January.

Also, just a reminder, we are on the Middle School time, but we follow the Elementary Calendar. Today for example, was a half day for all Elementary students but not secondary students. We will always remind you on the blog of upcoming schedule changes. If you are using the district provided calendars, make sure you are looking at the elementary days.

Upcoming Dates:

November 24-26 Thanksgiving Break

December 8 – Late Start

December 15 – Tentative Christmas Party/Zumba Class

December 20-31 – Christmas Break

Job Site Schedule: (Monday, Tuesday and Friday)

Modern Greek – Ali M, Zhera, Amer, Munasar, Aisha

Red Lobster – Zeinab, Alexandria, Thakara, Deraa, Mo K

Goodwill – Julian, Abdullah, Matthew, Derick, LeeLee (not sure if I spelled that correctly!) Sub: Ali J

Howe Clerical – Hiba, Shaima, Khadija Sub: Hashed

Howe Janitorial/Grounds – Giuseppe, Reda, Amr Sub: Tarek

Hype Janitorial/Classroom Jobs – Ali H., Ali J, Justin, Hashed, Abrar, MiMi, Maasoma, Tarek, Maasoma, Samiah **

**These students will rotate into other positions as they demonstrate readiness for an off site program

Don’t forget conferences are next week – if you need to check your time please email us or check the Sign Up Genius link in “Class Notes”.

Have a great weekend!

~Camp and Cote