Job Sites and Attendance


Yesterday we had a meeting with our Program Coordinator, and we were informed that we will be able to ride the bus to the Howe job site (instead of walking) beginning some time in November. This is great news as it allows more students to attend and we feel it is a much safer option. We will also be adding Red Lobster to our job sites, which will mean we will be on a tight schedule once everything is up and running. Our new schedule will mean we will be leaving the building earlier in order to make all of the required stops. It could mean, that no one will be in the classroom if your student is arriving late (and he/she will miss his/her assigned job site.) We do have a few regular late arrivals and we understand students have doctor appointments, etc. It may be required to walk your student to the room if they are late, to make sure a teacher is in the classroom. Students cannot be left unsupervised. We will let everyone know when the new schedule will begin, but wanted to give you time to prepare. All job sites are on Monday, Tuesday and Friday.