April 17, 2019

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Students will be bringing home a note today detailing the events we have through the rest of the year that will involve an extra cost.  (Zee the Cook, bowling and Zumba!)   We wanted to give you the option of paying for everything at once instead of sending home a note every week!  You may choose which your son/daughter participates in or not (some do not attend Zee the Cook), however,  if your son/daughter does not want to bowl, they should stay home that day as we will be gone most of the day and no one will be back in the classroom.  If you would please make sure your son/daughters name is on the form before returning, that would be helpful.  I realized I left that out after handing them out.   Forms are due no later than May 3, but can be turned in starting tomorrow.

Upcoming dates:

April 19 – No School – Good Friday

April 24 – Late Start – DIA

May 7 – Zee the Cook

May 10 – Zumba

May 15 – Late Start

May 22 – Bowling

May 24 – 27 No School – Memorial Day Weekend

May 28 – Field Day at EFHS

June 3-5 – No School

June 12 – End of the Year/Senior Banquet – Olive Garden (Free)

June 14 – LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!   1/2 DAY!


April 10, 2019

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Hello!  We’ve had numerous complaints about the Trinity Bus Company and we’d like to encourage you to contact our administration when issues arise.   As teachers, there is nothing we can do but pass messages along to them, and it’s much more effective when it comes from parents themselves.  I can’t promise they will be able to fix everything, but if they don’t know about them, they can’t even try.  We STRONGLY encourage you to contact them with issues such as:  length of time on the bus, bus running late or not showing up, behavior concerns on the bus, or if you have any issues with the drivers themselves.  Please contact Ms. Tammy Fournier at Howe:  313-827-7000

Thank you!

March 29, 2019

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HAPPY SPRING BREAK!!!!   It’s all going to fly by now!   We had a great time with Spirit Week this week, be sure to check out our Facebook page for pictures!   Also on the Facebook page is a list of available Summer Camps for 2019.   All kinds of camps are available – day camps, drop in, overnight, weekly, etc.  Check it out!

When we come back:

April 9th – Zee the Cook  – The deadline was today, but please send in money by Monday if you have not done so already.   This is not mandatory, if your son/daughter is not interested, they may stay back in the classroom.

April 19th – No School – Good Friday

April 24 – Late Start/DIA – students should bring a lunch


Enjoy the break!!!!!



March 22, 2019

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Hello!  It’s hard to believe we are almost through March.  One week to go until Spring Break!   I always say once Spring Break arrives the rest of the year goes by in a flash!

We started our new incentive program this week.  Every student brought home a copy of their responsibilities in their blue folders.  Those are the things we are looking for, but are not limited to, for the incentive program.  Students get paid $5 in “Camp Cash” each week.   If we see they are not following through on their responsibilities, they need to pay $1 out of their “wallet”.   At the end of the week, students can use the Camp Cash to purchase the Friday Movie, Leisure activity, movie snack, etc.   Students who do not have enough to pay for a movie or leisure activity will have an alternate activity instead (classwork review).   There will be some growing pains, but so far is has proven to be effective.

Next week leading up the break, we will have a Spirit Week!   On Friday, we will have a Spring Break/Beach Party!!!   Students have a copy in their folders.

Monday – Detroit Tigers Day

Tuesday – Crazy Socks Day

Wednesday – Red, White and Blue Day

Thursday – Hat Day

Friday – Hawaiian Day

Zee the Cook – We have been approved for two more sessions with Zee the Cook, April 9th and May 7th.      The fee is $15 each session.  For the April 9th date, please send money by Friday March 29th, since we will be off for Spring Break the following week.    I hope everyone was able to see the wonderful pictures from our last trip on our Facebook Page.

Zumba – Ms. Susan is coming back for one more round of Zumba on May 10th!  We can’t wait!

Save the Date!   The Prom sponsored by the Fordson Impact Club will be held on May 2 from 6:00-8:30 at Greenfield Manor.   Students will receive printed tickets this year, so be sure to RSVP when the time comes.  More information will be coming home soon!

Upcoming Dates:

April 1-5 No School

April 9 – Zee the Cook

April 19 – No School

April 24 – Late Start/DIA





March 12, 2019

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Next week we will be rolling out a new system in our classroom that will help teach our students responsibility.  We’ve noticed the students have been “slacking” a little bit and numerous reminders don’t seem to be helping.   We will be going to a “token system” where students can gain or lose “Camp or Cote Cash” by showing they are responsible for things such as being prepared for class, coming to school prepared to work, having the correct supplies, etc.   The “Cash” can be exchanged for things like participating in the Friday movie, leisure activities, snacks (Friday only), etc.    Students will also be able to earn extra cash by completing various classroom jobs throughout the week.  We expect to begin this new system on Monday.   As a lead up, we have been doing a refresher on classroom procedures, personal hygiene, etc.  We have noticed that some of our students (the males especially) sometimes look like they rolled right out of bed and on to the bus!  We expect all students to come to school with  the correct supplies, clean clothes (free of stains, holes, pet hair, etc), combed hair, neat facial hair, and to follow basic classroom procedures. (For the most part they do!)  They will be better prepared for work if they practice these skills now!    Thank you!

March 1, 2019

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Our trip to Zee the Cook was a great success this morning!  The students had a FANTASTIC time!   We had personal pizzas, tacos and fried oreos!  YUM!  The students learned how to prepare the dough for pizza and chop vegetables for tacos, and practiced going through a buffet line.   The cooking studio was absolutely beautiful and Zee couldn’t have been more gracious!  We are looking forward to going back again in April!  Those that weren’t able to attend due to not providing their insurance cards now have the opportunity to turn it in so that they are ready to go next time.  They don’t want to miss it!  Pictures will be going up on Facebook sometime this weekend….be sure to check them out!

Monday we will be going to Ford Lanes.  Students do not need to bring a lunch.  This is a free trip!

Class Dojo/Remind….   It seems as if the general consensus is that Remind is more user friendly on the parents side.   We will go back to using Remind as our notification system beginning Monday (we’ve been using both).   I will still keep Class Dojo (for now) for those who like the ability to message us from time to time.

Have a great weekend!



February 27, 2019

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Hello!  I just wanted to give you an update on our Zee the Cook trip planned for Friday, March 1st.  First of all, we are so thankful for this opportunity, and to Ms. Lila Amen for putting this together for us.  She really made this all come together and we can’t thank her enough.  She does more for our class than people know and she is just a wonderful person with a beautiful heart for our students.

Because this trip came together so fast, there was a lot to do in a little time, so while we’ve been collecting permission slips and insurance information, we’ve also been trying to get our transportation approved which is not an easy task at the last minute like this.  (Most trips have to be planned months ahead of time).  We are lucky to have an awesome Director of Transportation who does everything he possibly can to accommodate our class.  (Especially in the midst of bad weather and Trinity bus issues, that many of you are aware of!)

Sometimes, in the midst of trying to put things together, small details, like the cost of class, get lost in the shuffle.  I apologize for the late notice.  I did speak with Zee this morning, and the cost of the class will be $15 and it will be due, along with all the paperwork, by tomorrow, so that we can give a final count to Zee by 3 p.m.   Unfortunately, those who have not turned in all of the required documents and payment by tomorrow, will not be able to attend.   Notes will be going home today as reminders.

February 22, 2019

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Hello!  Just wanted to share the great email we received today from the engineer at Maples…..

“Hi Maribeth, I just wanted to tell ya that the students that have been coming to Maples to help us out are outstanding!  Abdullah, Nejwa, Mo, Ali and Yaser work very hard every day and always look to help out.  I told them that I wish that I could hire all of them as custodians.   They are a pleasure to work with and I look forward to seeing them everyday.   They all keep Toni and I in stiches with their awesome sense of humor.  Have a great weekend!”   (Shawn Donohue, Engineer at Maples Elementary)

What a great email to start the weekend!  We know how awesome our students are and it’s great when others see what we see!  This truly made our day!

See everyone at Zap Zone tomorrow at 3:00!   We have eight students attending and we are looking forward to a great time!  Students who turned in their RSVP’s have the address in their folders today.   If you need to get a hold of us that day – I will have the class phone with me.  313-701-7985

Upcoming Dates:

February 23 – Zap Zone!

March 1 – Zee the Cook

March 4 – Bowling and Pizza at Ford Lanes – courtesy of EFP/U of M

March 13 – Late Start


February 20, 2019

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Zee the Cook Update – Thank you to those who have sent in your applications!  I realized today, that there was a back side to one page, that didn’t get copied.   For those of you missing that page, I am sending it home today to be signed and returned.   Also, a copy of your insurance card needs to be included with the application, in case of an emergency.   Please send in a copy if you haven’t already.  If you trust your son or daughter with the card, you can send in the card and we can copy it here if you’d like.

Zap Zone – Currently we do not have enough students who have RSVP’d to hold the activity, however,  we still have one more day to go before we make a decision.  If you are planning on going please make sure those forms are turned in tomorrow.  Please note – most games cost 2-4 tokens to play.  For every dollar they bring they will get to play 1-2 games (typically).   Also, laser tag is played in a dark multi-leveled room.  If we feel is it unsafe for a student to play we will not allow them to purchase a ticket even though they may have indicated they wanted to play.


February 19, 2019

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Hello!   I hope everyone enjoyed their break!  With all the snow days we’ve had I didn’t feel like we “needed” it but it was nice to take advantage of the time and get out of the house since we weren’t snowed or iced in!

This week we have the Zap Zone Weekend activity on Saturday.  RSVP’s are coming home today so that we can plan for the event.   Please return those by this Thursday, February 21st.   We need to have at least 5 students attend in order to make this even successful.   The address for Zap Zone is:  9751 Telegraph Rd. Taylor, MI  48180   As a reminder, please check in with either me or Ms. Cote upon arrival before dropping your son/daughter off.   Start time is 3:00 p.m. and pick up time is 5:30 p.m.    As mentioned earlier, this activity is best suited for those who need minimal supervision.  If your son/daughter requires more supervision, a chaperone has been requested and has been noted on your form.  We don’t want to exclude anyone and understand that some students need more assistance in the community than others.

Permission Slips for Zee the Cook were due today.   Our first class will be on March 1st and the students are so excited!  The staff is excited too!  🙂   The students are going to be making their own personal pizza and salad, and I believe they voted on fried oreo’s for dessert!  YUM!!!!   Students who have not turned in their permission slip will stay back in the classroom instead of going on the trip.  It is our hope that everyone will be able to come!  If you have not turned in your permission slip, please do so this week so we are prepared to go well in advance!  Thank you!

The 2019-2020 School Calendar is available online for your planning purposes.   Students first day back will be August 26th, 2019.   No School August 30 & Sept 2 for Labor Day Weekend.  Please don’t shoot the messenger!  LOL

Upcoming Dates:

March 1st – Zee the Cook

March 4th – Bowling at Ford Lanes – Free

March 13th – Late Start

April 1-5 – No School – Spring Break

April 19th – No School – Good Friday

April 24th – Late Start