November 23, 2021

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Happy Thanksgiving!!!! We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy time with your families. When we come back, there will be just three weeks of school until the Christmas break. The first semester is flying by.

Please see the district’s announcement about preparing to go virtual on our Facebook Page “Dearborn Transition Program” or on the “Dearborn Public Schools” Facebook page. We are not going virtual at this time, simply preparing for the possibility in the future. Should we go virtual, we will use our zoom link provided in the “class info” section of the blog. We will post any information here on the blog and through Remind.

Upcoming Dates:

December 8 – Late Start/CBI Day

December 15 – Tentative Christmas/Zumba Party! We will finalize the details once we return from the Thanksgiving break. There is a $5 charge for Zumba so we can pay the instructor. Zumba is optional. We will likely need students to contribute a few dollars towards a pizza party if that’s what we decide to do.

December 17 – Last Day of School

Have a great break!

~Camp and Cote

November 5, 2021

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Hello! It’s been a busy week and I can’t believe we are already through the first week of November. Thanksgiving will be here before you know it! We are in full swing of things, and will be adding an additional job site (Red Lobster) on Monday. Most of the students who are scheduled to go to Red Lobster were not here today – so I’m going to post the work schedule for the entire class, they will remain in effect until January.

Also, just a reminder, we are on the Middle School time, but we follow the Elementary Calendar. Today for example, was a half day for all Elementary students but not secondary students. We will always remind you on the blog of upcoming schedule changes. If you are using the district provided calendars, make sure you are looking at the elementary days.

Upcoming Dates:

November 24-26 Thanksgiving Break

December 8 – Late Start

December 15 – Tentative Christmas Party/Zumba Class

December 20-31 – Christmas Break

Job Site Schedule: (Monday, Tuesday and Friday)

Modern Greek – Ali M, Zhera, Amer, Munasar, Aisha

Red Lobster – Zeinab, Alexandria, Thakara, Deraa, Mo K

Goodwill – Julian, Abdullah, Matthew, Derick, LeeLee (not sure if I spelled that correctly!) Sub: Ali J

Howe Clerical – Hiba, Shaima, Khadija Sub: Hashed

Howe Janitorial/Grounds – Giuseppe, Reda, Amr Sub: Tarek

Hype Janitorial/Classroom Jobs – Ali H., Ali J, Justin, Hashed, Abrar, MiMi, Maasoma, Tarek, Maasoma, Samiah **

**These students will rotate into other positions as they demonstrate readiness for an off site program

Don’t forget conferences are next week – if you need to check your time please email us or check the Sign Up Genius link in “Class Notes”.

Have a great weekend!

~Camp and Cote

Job Sites and Attendance

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Yesterday we had a meeting with our Program Coordinator, and we were informed that we will be able to ride the bus to the Howe job site (instead of walking) beginning some time in November. This is great news as it allows more students to attend and we feel it is a much safer option. We will also be adding Red Lobster to our job sites, which will mean we will be on a tight schedule once everything is up and running. Our new schedule will mean we will be leaving the building earlier in order to make all of the required stops. It could mean, that no one will be in the classroom if your student is arriving late (and he/she will miss his/her assigned job site.) We do have a few regular late arrivals and we understand students have doctor appointments, etc. It may be required to walk your student to the room if they are late, to make sure a teacher is in the classroom. Students cannot be left unsupervised. We will let everyone know when the new schedule will begin, but wanted to give you time to prepare. All job sites are on Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

October 22, 2021

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Just few reminders this week:

Parent Teacher Conferences – Please sign up for a conference if you would like one. They will be held on Nov 4, 9, and 11 from 3:30-6:30. They are not mandatory, particularly if you have an IEP scheduled within a few weeks of the conference date, but we do enjoy seeing you and it gives us an opportunity to check in. Conferences will be in person here at Hype, but please let us know if you would like a virtual conference. Only parents and students from our class should attend. Please do not bring younger siblings, etc.

Halloween Party – Due to our work schedule – our Halloween Pizza Party will be moved to Thursday October 28th. We will have pizza and games for the students. Students will not need a lunch, but will need to bring something to drink. Students may bring candy to pass if they wish. (If everyone is present, there are 32 students between Ms. Cote and myself.) Students should NOT wear costumes, but they can wear Halloween colors, Halloween socks, t-shirts, etc.

Cell Phones – Still a huge problem in our room. We are very close from taking everyone’s phone during the day. If you are calling your son or daughter during the day – they will not be able to answer. If there is an emergency, please feel free to call or text the classroom phone 313-701-7985

Have a great weekend!

Parent Teacher Conferences

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Parent Teacher Conferences are scheduled for November 4, 9 and 11, from 3:30-6:30 p.m. I have created a sign up link on SignUpGenius, please sign up by November 3rd if you would like a conference. In the comments, please indicate whether you’d like a virtual or in-person conference. We prefer in-person, but understand that may not always be best for you. Whether conferences are virtual or in person, we will keep them at 20 minutes so we don’t keep you waiting – please be respectful of others who may be waiting as well.

Conferences are not mandatory, and if you’ve had an IEP within the last few weeks, your attendance is not necessary unless we have requested to meet with you. Please know, you can contact us at any time with any questions or concerns regarding your student.

Please click the link to sign up:

Alternatives to Guardianship Webinar

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Hello! There is a webinar scheduled for October 27th for those interested in Guardianship and Alternatives to Guardianship. I have attended this webinar in the past and it is excellent. I highly recommend it for anyone who has a student in our program. The webinar is brought to you by Michigan Alliance for Families and will be presented by Dohn Hoyle from the ARC Michigan. Topics Include:

  • What are alternatives to guardianship?
  • What is Power of Attorney?
  • How can medical and financial decisions be handled?
  • What is self-determination?
  • What is supported decision making?
  • How can we best support students as they transition to adulthood?

Please use this link to register:

Community Based Instruction

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Hello! Our first Community Based Instruction (CBI) is scheduled for Wednesday, October 13, 2021. If your son or daughter is scheduled to attend, they will be brining an orange notice home with them on Tuesday. It will indicate where they are going and what they need to bring with them.

Students scheduled for Target: Will be shopping from a list for items that will contribute to the household. Please return the list and money needed to purchase the items to school on Wednesday morning. Students may also bring extra money if they wish to purchase something from the cafe if time allows. This is not a guarantee – but it’s something we have done in the past and students really enjoy this time.

Students scheduled for Leo’s: A sample menu will be attached to your orange notice. Please indicate what foods your son/daughter would like to order by highlighting or circling the menu items, and send the menu, along with spending money, to school on Wednesday morning. As I mentioned in the note, the menu I’m sending home and the menu in the restaurant vary in price slightly. Please add an extra few dollars when adding up their total.

All students will be scheduled for one Target trip and one Leo’s trip this year. So if your son/daughter is eager to get out into the community, everyone will have their opportunity!

*Students who are not demonstrating proper behavior, good grooming/hygiene/appropriate clothing on the day of their scheduled trip may have to stay back in the classroom

**Due to the large number of students we have, we cannot reschedule CBI due to absences. If you know ahead of time your student will be absent, please let us know we will do our best to accommodate your schedule. We will be updating the students planners tomorrow for the CBI sites. The CBI dates are: 10/13, 12/8, 2/9, 3/9, 4/13, and 5/11 (no one will be scheduled for 5/11 at this time – we will schedule that towards the end of the year).

*** We will not be keeping bank accounts this year. Any change from purchases will be sent home with the student. Students should carry a wallet and/or purse with them when going out on CBI trips.

October 1, 2021

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Thank you for turning in the permission slips for our CBI and Job Site locations. Students are expected to participate in all job sites and CBI activities as they are able. Obviously they will not be scheduled for something they aren’t able to do, but we do want them to gain as many experiences as possible to support their IEP goals and objectives as well as their independence. We have many great opportunities for our students! When the permissions slips started coming in today, I realized I should have worded it differently. A new permission slip will be coming home to those who may not have filled theirs out correctly. If you haven’t turned it in yet – please return in the new form which will be printed on colored paper. Please return this new permission slip on Monday, October 4, 2021. My apologies for the confusion. If you do not get a permission slip today – the one you turned in was fine!

Communication Folders – we have our blue communication folders set up and ready to go. This is a folder that will go back and forth between home and school. If your student is bringing something home, look for the blue folder with a lime green insert in their backpack. This makes things easier to spot and keeps things from getting too crumpled in their backpacks. Please remember to return it each time it comes home.

Backpacks – some of our students backpacks have to weigh over 20 pounds! Please make sure your son/daughter isn’t bringing anything unecessary to school. I think some students have the kitchen sink in there! They shouldn’t have to bring anything other than lunch and a water bottle and whatever device they want (phone, ipad, etc.) Everything else they need for school can be left at school and not carried back and forth.

Job Sites – we are hoping to start Oct 4th – so please turn those permission slips in! If you son/daughter has been absent – no worries, we will send it home when they return. Students will rotate through the different job sites each card marking. This will provide consistency yet allow the students to experience all of the sites throughout the year.

Upcoming Dates:

October 8 – Half Day – 11:30 Dismissal

October 13 – Late Start/First CBI outing

October 29 – Class Halloween Pizza Party – details to follow

September 24, 2021

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Hello! We’ve reached the end of September and we are settled into a routine. The classroom day is busy and running smooth! Each day the students rotate between five different groups in the morning, and in the afternoon we have to whole group lessons, along with two fitness activities that students participate in. With all the rain, we have not been able to get outside for a mask break, but I anticipate we will do that again as soon as it dries up. With the cooler weather coming in, it might be a good idea for your son/daughter to keep a light hoodie/jacket in their backpack.

Reminder: Please turn in the applications for Goodwill and the SMART bus. Applications that have already been turned in were picked up by our transition coordinator today. Unfortunately those who choose not to turn them in may miss out on some of our job site and community activities.

Also, please remember to send emergency medications to school with your student if they are required. (Epi pens, seizure medications, etc.) While we are trained to administer medication for these emergencies, we are not medical professionals and we are not in a building that has a school nurse on site. We do worry for the students’ safety when the proper medications are not here, as emergencies can happen at any time.

We have implemented our token system for the classroom. Students start the week with $5, and owe us $1 each time a “rule” is broken. The students and I came up with the rules together as a class and they are posted on our board. At the end of the week, students who still have money left are able to participate in a “reward” day. This could be a movie, classroom games, a special treat, etc. They have done a great job this week and they DO NOT like losing a dollar! Some of the most frequent offenses are: Not wearing a mask, getting out of their seats, and swearing. Honestly this is the first year we’ve had to deal with swearing in the classroom, so if you know your son or daughter swears, please talk to them about it.

Upcoming Dates:

October 8 – Half day

October 13 – Late Start

October 29 – Pizza Party/Halloween Celebration – Details to follow

Cell Phones

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We have collected cell phones from those who cannot handle them responsibly during the school day. They sit in a basket on my desk until the end of the school day and then they may have them again. Since they are right by my desk, I’ve been noticing that some of the phones are receiving calls, texts, and notifications all day long. Students should not be receiving calls and/or texts while in school, however, if you are trying to reach your son/daughter for an emergency, please feel free to call or text the school phone at 313-701-7985.