Busy Bees

Dearborn Public Schools

Feb. 10th – Feb. 14th

on February 9, 2020

Hello Parents!

Here are our plans for our week before winter break:

Spelling: (ou and ow) Our words are: loud, sound, round, house, cloud, brown, down, frown, crown and scowl. Bonus words: mouth, ground and shower. Our silly sentence is: A loud sound came from a cloud and made the brown mouse frown.

Reading: Non-fiction generating questions to help with understanding of a topic. Also, practicing using context clues to assist with the understanding of more complex vocabulary.

Math: Module 4 assessment is tomorrow.

Writing: Almost all informational/research pieces are completed. They should be in hanging in the hallway by midweek after sharing them with our classmates.

Social Studies: Working together in our community


Friday, February 14th: Celebration of Valentine’s Day. Your children may bring valentines to pass out to their classmates, (25 students). If you wish to send in a little treat, please feel free to do so. I will be providing a little frozen treat to enjoy in the afternoon, along with playing board games, emphasizing our friendships, all part of our Valentine celebration. Bringing in a board game from home is encouraged—please label with your child’s name. Thank you!!!!

Enjoy our winter break!!! If you are traveling have a wonderful and safe trip. School resumes on Monday, February, 24th.


Mrs. Burke

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