Let’s move our bodies and listen to the music we like. Follow the dance moves of the zumba video below. If the music takes over your body that is fine, as long as you are moving to the music.

Again videos and /or pictures of engagement in any physical activity is always welcome and encouraged!


Every class period we engage in daily stretches and cardio. The following are the stretch that my class performs: Stretch 1 is: standing up stretches and stretch 2 is: sitting down stretches. Please watch and participate in both videos! (Both of videos are also listed under my links to the right of my blog page).

Stretches 1

Stretches 2

District PE

I have added the district Elementary Blog to my page. The PE dept. is working together to ensure that all of students have a variety of options and ideas to engage in Physical Activity during this time. We will post daily activities for our students and would like to see a video, picture or record in our activity log of our students making time in engage. If anyone has any questions, comments or concern, please let me know. We are all here for our students!


It is beneficial to stretch daily, more importantly to stretch before and after physical activity. Why is important to stretch?

What benefits do you get from stretching?

What kind of stretches are helpful?

Answer the above questions and more with the following link. Also, if there is a site, questions, comments, concerns or stretches you want to share, post them for all of us to see. Everyone can benefit from Sharing their knowledge and demonstrating their stretches for all to see and comment on.