Mrs. Brown's ELA

Dearborn Public Schools

Next Week

Hello, my dear classes,

As you well know, I was out today. I was sick, but I’m resting and will be back on Monday.

Speaking of Monday, all classes will have their Greek and Latin quiz on Monday. If you are going on the PBIS field trip, you will take your quiz in Tuesday, unless you are in first hour or Block D. First hour will take it at the normal time and Block D will take it when they return.

I am not going on the field trip, so I will be in class all day.

Please pass this on to your classmates who may not check the blog as often as you do. I missed you all today and I will see you on Monday.


I’m Absent Today

Hello, Classes! My car won’t start this morning so I am unable to be at school with you today. Please follow what the substitute tells you. The assignment will be graded. Be good.

7th Grade: We finally get to go back to the library on Monday, so you’ll have your test on “Dirk the Protector” on Tuesday. We’ll start Greek mythology on Wednesday.

6th Grade: We will also go back to the library on Monday.

Both Grades: We will do the Greek and Latin definitions on Monday. Don’t stress.

See you all on Monday!

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