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Late Work Update #7,854 (Just Kidding, But I’m Having To Repeat This A Lot.)

I have talked about this in class many times and posted it on the blog more than once. The last day for any September late work was on October 2. I extended the due dates from those original assignments.¬†We are now on the three-day regular schedule for late work, which is on the blog, in the syllabus, and we’ve also talked about this in class many times. If something is more than three days late, it doesn’t exist. I do not have time to grade all of the missing work from students who didn’t turn it in when it was due. I have to grade the work that is coming in now and on time. I am very sorry that you didn’t get your work in on time after many, many reminders. Please make sure that you turn it in on time from now on.

AAAHHHH MY HOMEWORK IS 20 YEARS LATE - Robin Williams - What year is it?  Jumanji | Make a Meme


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