Happy Summer Vacation!

We made it! Summer vacation has begun!

I have enjoyed having each and every one of you in my class! I know this was an unusual year with remote learning, but all of you embraced it with positivity. I want to sincerely THANK all parents for the support this year, especially this last quarter of the year.  We’ve all done the best we could given the circumstances. Please continue to support your child over the summer by encouraging them to read daily and practice their math facts. Students can use the IReady program all summer long and are encouraged to do so. Students were given a math packet last week during material pickup. They should be completing some pages each day in order to complete the entire packet by the end of summer. Zearn will also be available for math practice and review.

Thank you again for a wonderful year. I hope you have a safe, fun, and enjoyable summer! I want you to be prepared for third grade! I believe in you!

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