Thursday Assignments June 4, 2020

*** Reading & Writing, Math, Social Studies/Science and spelling assignments are in Google Classroom. Click on – Please do your work in GOOGLE CLASSROOM.

**ALL assignments are given a grade – meeting, progressing, limited progress. Meeting means the entire assignment is complete, progressing means some of the assignment is complete, and limited progress means none of the assignment is complete. M, P, LP will be on the end of year report card.

Reading & Writing

Go on Iready.
MathGo to Zearn for 20 minute.
WritingGo to google classroom and write about your memories for the end of the year. Complete slide 4
Social Studies- Go to google classroom and watch the video on scarcity and choices and answer questions and turn in.
Special Area class Gym-Mr. Laconsole’s iblogGoogle classroom Code:K-2: 6m3ugkp
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