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May 1st

Have a wonderful weekend!
Mrs. Blazeski
Have a wonderful weekend!
-Mrs. Blazeski

Friday, April 17th Reminders

  • Weekly Reading Log and Response due on Monday
Have a great weekend!
-Mrs. Blazeski


Friday, March 27th Reminders

Friday, March 20th

Have a great weekend, and take care of yourselves and be well!

  1. Week #8 Reading Log and Response Assignment has been posted in Google Classroom under the category “Reading Log and Response”. Please record your information directly on the sheet and turn it into Google Classroom by the end of the day on Monday, March 16th.
  2. Finish the first draft of the argument essay and turn it into Google Classroom by Wednesday, March 18th.
  3. Take good care of yourself and be well! I miss you all already!

Dear students,

As you know, we won’t be in the classroom for a while. I will miss you dearly, but it is all for the best, for our health and well-being.

During this time away from school, we will continue with our work in Google Classroom and on our iblog (iblog blazeski). I will be posting information and assignments regularly, on a daily basis, so make sure to check both the iblog and Google Classroom every day.

Please take care of yourselves and your family. Try to stay away from large gatherings, wash your hands frequently, and let someone in your family know right away if you are not feeling well.

Be well and I really look forward to seeing you in April!

-Mrs Blazeski

1)Work on the research sheet and outline for your argument essay. 2)Complete your Reading Log: 5 days of reading-30 minutes each day. 3)Complete your Reading Response for week#7: setting description.

Reminders for Monday, March 2nd

  1. quiz on editing and outlining
  2. 3 days reading in log + character description response

Reminders During Break:

  1. IXL-Level J:
    K.1 ( Identify Thesis Statements, and -K ( New)- Identify Counterclaims/Counterarguments
  2. 2 weeks reading-1st week – Compare Contrast Response, 2nd week- Your Choice
  3. Google Classroom- Analysis of Argument Essay
  4. Have a wonderful break!

Reminders for Monday, February 10th

1st and 2nd hours: 1) quiz on the argumentation terms, 2) Weekly Reading Log and Reading Response

5th,6th, 7th hours: 1) Review your debate sheet so that you are prepared to continue the debate on Monday; 2) Weekly Reading Log and Reading Response

Have a great weekend!

Reminders for Monday, January 24th

  • 1) Reading Log ( 5 days)  and Reading Response ( Free Choice)
  • 2) Quiz on : roots/affixes: avi/memor, sentence editing, and Persuasive Techniques/Appeals
  • 3) IXL- G.3 (Trace an Argument)
  • 4) Be prepared to finish our debate.

January 17th

Weekly Reading Log and Reading Response-due on Tuesday

The foldable on Ethos Pathos and Logos should be turned in no later than Tuesday.

The quiz on the new roots/affixes: avi and memor and editing a sentence, along with a question on ethos/pathos/logos will be on Tuesday.

We will wrap up our mini debate on Tuesday. Here’s a glimpse of our debates:

*1) Quiz on “The Writing Process”

*2) 3 days of reading in your Reading Log + 1 response in your Reading Notebook ( your choice)

-sample board with the necessary literary items

REMINDERS for Monday, November 18th

1)Reading Log for 5 days

2)Reading Responses for Literature Circles ( Reading Groups)

3)Quiz on Mood/Tone and Roots -mov/mot/mob

4)Project on short story-be prepared to present

Reminders for Monday, November 4th

1) Binder Check

2 Reading Log-5days

3)Reading Response

4) IXL –PP.3– ellipses practice

Reminders for Monday, October 28th

  1. Weekly Reading Log- 5 days
  2. Weekly Reading Response- your choice
  3. Complete the ending to the story “The Elevator”
  4. 4 one-pagers for the marking period are due no later than Wednesday, October 30th
  • Reminders for Monday, October 14th

1)5 days reading in log  + summary response in reading notebook 2)Elements of a Story foldable completed

3)Plot Diagram completed

4)Conflict Circle Map completed

5)Quiz on editing (Sentences given at the beginning of the week.) and on elements of story, plot stages , and 4 types of conflict

1)5 days of reading in log

2)awesome sentence response in Reading Responses

3)Turn in edited  post on favorite book in Google Classroom.

4)quiz on new roots and affixes and information on Edgar A. Poe

Pictured Rocks in Upper Michigan

Reminders for Monday, September 30th:

  1. 5 days of reading-30 minutes each + question response in your notebook
  2. completed Tree Map on genre – including the definitions
  3. iblog post on favorite book: a paragraph on your favorite book, including the title, author, genre, and reasons + responses to 3 other posts
  4. quiz on Monday on 2 edited sentences of the week and genre Tree Map

REMINDERS for Monday, September 23rd

  1. 5 days of reading recorded in your Reading Log foldable ( 30 minutes at least each day)
  2. Response to Reading- Connection ( 5-7 sentences):

EXAMPLE: Week#4- September 16th- 22nd

Total Pages: from___to___

Total minutes:______

Response( 5-7 sentences): Connection ( A) Text-To-Self, B) Text-To-World, or C) Text-To-Text):

Example Beginning:

I can relate to this week’s reading when______________ because________

3) IXL: QQ.1, QQ.2, RR.1, and RR.2 (95%each) by Sunday

4) Quiz on capitalization on Monday.

  • DUE ON MONDAY ( September 16th ):
  • 5 days of reading recorded on your reading log foldable
  • a description of the setting (5-7 sentences) in your Reading Responses Notebook


IXL: QQ.1 ( 95%) and QQ.2 ( 95%)

Reminders for Monday, September 9th

The following are due on Monday:

  1. five days of reading recorded in the Reading Log
  2. one reading response for the week’s reading in the Reading composition notebook:

Title of Book :


Week: #2

Pages Read:  from___to ____

Total Minutes Read: ______

Response to Reading ( 5-7 sentences): Character Description

One of the most interesting characters in _______________________, written by_____________ is _____________…


One of the most interesting characters in Holes, written by Louis Sachar, is Madam Zeroni. The author described her as having dark skin and a very wide mouth. When she looked at you, her eyes seemed to expand, and you felt like she was looking right through you. (29) She seems to be someone that you would want to stay away from at all cost. Although she doesn’t say much, she does communicate in the most profound and revealing way, making you question all that you do. Madame Zeroni is definitely an important character in Holes.

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