Reminders for Monday

  1. 5 days reading in log  + summary response in reading notebook
  2. 2) Elements of a Story foldable completed

3)Plot Diagram completed

4)Conflict Circle Map completed

5)Quiz on editing (Sentences given at the beginning of the week.) and on elements of story, plot stages , and 4 types of conflict

Reminders for Monday, October 7th

1)5 days of reading in log

2)awesome sentence response in Reading Responses

3)Turn in edited  post on favorite book in Google Classroom.

4)quiz on new roots and affixes and information on Edgar A. Poe

Reminders for Monday, September 28th

  1. 5 days of reading-30 minutes each + question response in your notebook
  2. completed Tree Map on genre – including the definitions
  3. iblog post on favorite book: a paragraph on your favorite book, including the title, author, genre, and reasons + responses to 3 other posts
  4. quiz on Monday on 2 edited sentences of the week and genre Tree Map

Reminders for Monday, September 23rd

  1. 5 days of reading recorded in your Reading Log foldable ( 30 minutes at least each day)
  2. Response to Reading- Connection ( 5-7 sentences):

EXAMPLE: Week#4- September 16, 2019

Total Pages: from___to___

Total minutes:______

Response( 5-7 sentences): Connection ( A) Text-To-Self, B) Text-To-World, or C) Text-To-Text):

Example Beginning:

I can relate to this week’s reading when______________ because________

3) IXL: QQ.1, QQ.2, RR.1, and RR.2 (95%each) by Sunday

4) Quiz on capitalization on Monday.

Reminders for Monday, September 16th

  • 5 days of reading recorded on your reading log foldable
  • a description of the setting (5-7 sentences) in your Reading Responses Notebook


IXL: QQ.1 ( 95%) and QQ.2 ( 95%)

Reminders for Monday, September 9th

The following are due on Monday:

  1. five days of reading recorded in the Reading Log
  2. one reading response for the week’s reading in the Reading composition notebook:

Title of Book :


Week: #2

Pages Read:  from___to ____

Total Minutes Read: ______

Response to Reading ( 5-7 sentences): Character Description

One of the most interesting characters in _______________________, written by_____________ is _____________…


One of the most interesting characters in Holes, written by Louis Sachar, is Madam Zeroni. The author described her as having dark skin and a very wide mouth. When she looked at you, her eyes seemed to expand, and you felt like she was looking right through you. (29) She seems to be someone that you would want to stay away from at all cost. Although she doesn’t say much, she does communicate in the most profound and revealing way, making you question all that you do. Madame Zeroni is definitely an important character in Holes.

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