Reminders- May 31st

Have a wonderful weekend!

May 10th Reminders

*We will be taking the NWEA reading test Monday through Wednesday.



Reminders-April 12th

Have a great weekend!



Reminders- February 14th

February 8th-Reminders

February 9th

Due on Monday:

  • 5 days of reading recorded + 1 reading response
  • quiz on new roots and affixes on Monday: aqua, mar, pugn

Reminder: January 25th

Due on Monday:

  1. IXL-O.3 ( 100%) IXL-O.3- ( Use the correct frequently confused word)

2. Quiz on Parallelism ( Parallel Structures) and editing.



Today’s Work

I. Make sure to finish your mini poster/brochure on your favorite book which is due tomorrow.

Include the following:

1) Title and Author

2) Protagonist and antagonist

3) Setting

4) Conflict:internal/external

5) Climax

6) Favorite part of the story and why

7) Recommendation

8) Illustration: drawings/designs that reflect the story

II. Editing



Reminder for Monday, January 11th

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