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Econ 6.2 Vocab

  1. transactions: the action of buying and selling
  2. equilibrium price: when the number of units produced equals the number of products sold
  3. surplus: too much of an item (higher quantity than demand)
  4. shortage: too little of an item (less quality than demand)
  5. predict: to guess the future based on what you already know
  6. increase: go up
  7. decrease: go down
  8. natural disaster: a very dangerous Earth event (tornado, earthquake, etc.)
  9. fluctuate: to change; fluid
  10. efficiently: to work well without wasting time and energy
  11. marketplace: what sets the prices and allows buyers and sellers to adjust


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20.1 Vocab! Almost there! شكرا الرب

  1. Revolution ثورة: fighting against the government trying to change it
  2. Great Britain: England
  3. Soldiers جنود: warriors fighting for a country
  4. Acts قوانين: laws
  5. Quarter العيش في المنزل: to live, house
  6. Violate للذهاب ضد: to go against
  7. Tax ضريبة: money you pay to the government
  8. Stamp Act: tax on paper products
  9. Repeal إلغاء: to cancel
  10. Boston: a city in Massachusetts
  11. Consent الإذن: agreement, permission
  12. Tea شاي: a warm drink that’s famous in England
  13. Parliament الحكومة البريطانية: the British government
  14. Massacre مذبحة: an attack with a lot of deaths
  15. Patriots: people who go against the government
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Econ 6.1 Vocab

Here is Econ Chapter 6.1 Vocab!

  1. price: the value of a product determined by supply and demand
  2. signals: signs, hints
  3. neutral: not favoring producer or consumer
  4. consumption: use of a product
  5. compromises: when 2 sides agree to give up something they want to meet in the middle
  6. rationing: where government decides everyone’s “fair” share
  7. salary: amount of money made per year (fixed)
  8. incentive: reason to do something, motivation
  9. motivation: wanting to work harder and succeed
  10. allocation: dividing up goods or money
  11. inflation: the steady increase of prices
  12. rebate: partial refund of the original price of a product
  13. employees: workers
  14. network: a connect group of businesses
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17.5 Vocab

  1. slave: a person that is owned by another person
  2. labor: work
  3. captured: to take
  4. debt: when you owe someone money
  5. overwork: working too much
  6. century: 100 years
  7. slave trading center: a place where slaves were bought and sold
  8. rights: things you are allowed to do
  9. cruel: very mean and unfair
  10. whip: to hit with a long stick
  11. expand: to get bigger and stretch out
  12. rebel: to go against your leader or government
  13. abolish: to stop or cancel
  14. successful: achieving your goal or mission
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Civil Rights Movement Vocab

Civil Rights Movement (CRM) Vocab List

  1. Denied: to tell someone no
  2. segregation: separation of blacks and whites
  3. Integration: to mix blacks and whites (opposite of segregation)
  4. Shame: embarrassment
  5. Risk: to put your life in danger
  6. Violence: forceful and harmful
  7. Discrimination: treating people differently because of their race.
  8. victim: a person who is hurt by others
  9. unconstitutional: illegal
  10. Little Rock: the capital city of Arkansas
  11. Montgomery: the capital city of Alabama
  12. Lansing: the capital city of Michigan
  13. Mobs: groups of angry and violent people
  14. riots: violent protests by mobs
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Econ 5.3 Vocab

26. Fixed Costs (FC): prices that don’t ever change الأسعار التي لا تتغير

27.Variable Costs (VC): production costs that change when the level of production changes

يكلف هذا التغيير

28. Total Costs (TC): FC + VC إجمالي التكاليف

29.Marginal Costs (MC): the EXTRA cost of producing one additional unit of output

تكاليف إضافية

30.Additional: more than before إضافي

31. E-commerce: online buying and selling اعمال تجاريه عبر الانترنت

32.Operate: how something runs/works

33.Inventory: the number of products a business has available المخزون

34. Break-even point: when TC = TR

35. Total Revenue (TR): total amount a business earns إجمالي الإيرادات

36. Marginal Revenue (MR): the EXTRA revenue from the sale of one additional unit of output إيرادات إضافية

37. Marginal Analysis (MA): decision making regarding extra costs and benefits to be gained

38. Profit maximizing: when the firm has reached its highest total profit (MC = MR)

أعلى ربح إجمالي

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Econ 5.2 Vocab

14. Production function: a graph that shows how a change in the amount of a single variable input changes total production

15. Various مختلف: several; many

16. Short run وقت سريع: a time so fast that only the amount of variable input can be changed

17. Labor عمل: work

18. Long run وقت طويل: a time long enough to change the amounts of all inputs

19. Total product إجمالي المنتج: total (full) production made by a company or business

20. Marginal product: extra production due to more help/work إنتاج إضافي بسبب مساعدة إضافية

21. Firm عمل واحد: a business that sells stuff for profit

22. Stages of production (3): helps a firm decide how many workers to hire and for how long

23. Rate سرعة: speed something is made or done

24. Contribution مساعدة: help

25. Diminishing returns: making less products than before صنع منتجات أقل

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Econ Chapter 5.1 Vocab

Chapter 5 Vocab Terms

  1. Supply إمدادات : the amount of a product for sale
  2. Law of supply: suppliers will offer more products for sale at higher prices than at lower prices
  3. Supply schedule: a table that lists the numbers of a product supplied at various prices
  4. Supply curve: a graph that shows data for a single producer in a market
  5. Market supply curve: shows quantities offered by ALL producers that sell the same product in a market
  6. Interaction تفاعل: dealing or working with
  7. Change in supply: when suppliers offer different amounts of products for sale at market prices
  8. Suppliers مورد: those who make (produce) products for sale
  9. Subsidy المدفوعات الحكومية: A payment by the government to encourage or protect economics
  10. Regulations أنظمه: rules
  11. Supply elasticity: a measure of how the quantity supplied responds to a change in price
  12. Purchases مشتريات: things bought
  13. Adjust ضبط: to make better, fix