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The only iBlog page you need! This is Mr. Biggar’s New Website

Class Info and Expectations

قواعد الفصول الدراسية وتوقعاتها

أهلا بك! Welcome!  My name is Mr. Biggar and I am excited for this new school year at Edsel Ford High School!  I have been teaching for 10 years after having graduated with my bachelors degree from Eastern Michigan University and Masters of Educational Leadership from Concordia University-Ann Arbor.  I hold my students to high standards and take my teaching very seriously and enjoy helping them become outstanding citizens in and out of the classroom!

*Please click on each of the tabs to find your class.

*This iBLOG will be the homepage to my classroom, however it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you become familiar with and use these items below.  Download the APPS as well!

  1. CELL PHONE POLICY — Phones, as most agree, are an integral part of our professional and personal lives.  However, they become a problem with our education.  It is expected that your phone is silenced and put away before you ENTER class EVERY HOUR.  If you choose to use a phone without permission, Mr. Biggar’s “2 Strike” cell phone policy will be as follows:

a.) Strike 1: The first offense of having a phone out in class without permission will result in your name being written marked. You are expected to put your phone away for the remainder of the semester.

b.) Strike 2: Your phone will be taken to the student office.  It will remain there until a parent or guardian retrieves it.  You will also be deducted behavior points in class.

2. GOOGLE CLASSROOM — We will be working extensively with Google this year on class assignments, videos, and games.

3. GOOGLE TRANSLATE — Help yourself by translating as you need for your education!  ترجمة حسب حاجتك

4. GOOGLE DOCS — Use for turning in online assignments.

5. REMIND! — Use for reminders and important messages regarding assignment due dates, tests, quizzes, and other announcements.

  • How to sign up: On your phone, type in number 81010 and text this message: @sbiggar19

6. QUIZLET — Fantastic for studying for Mr. Biggar’s assessments using games and vocabulary!

7. Soc. St. VOCAB Notebook — Weekly Vocabulary terms will be posted on Google Classroom.  It is recommended that you copy them down in a 3-ring binder or notebook and build them up throughout the semester.  Translate as you must!  Most of or all of these terms will be on your semester final exam.

8. CLASS DOJO — Very fun and critical!  This is how we will work together regarding classroom involvement and behavior.  You will have a SUMMATIVE GRADE of 100 points at the end of the semester which is very important to your grade.  It is up to YOU how well you do and what grade you earn on this.

As for negative (red) points,

  • every 5 marks = a reset (loss of group work, seat change)
  • every 10 marks = Hallway conversation
  • every 15 marks = call home
  • every 20 marks = Responsibility Room Referral
  • every 25 marks = Detention/call home

** If a SUBSTITUTE TEACHER leaves your name in any negative fashion, you will be issued a detention and/or write up.  No questions asked.

The link below are the apps for my classroom.

Apps to get

I look forward to a great school year with all of you!

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Econ 6.2 Vocab

  1. transactions: the action of buying and selling
  2. equilibrium price: when the number of units produced equals the number of products sold
  3. surplus: too much of an item (higher quantity than demand)
  4. shortage: too little of an item (less quality than demand)
  5. predict: to guess the future based on what you already know
  6. increase: go up
  7. decrease: go down
  8. natural disaster: a very dangerous Earth event (tornado, earthquake, etc.)
  9. fluctuate: to change; fluid
  10. efficiently: to work well without wasting time and energy
  11. marketplace: what sets the prices and allows buyers and sellers to adjust


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20.1 Vocab! Almost there! شكرا الرب

  1. Revolution ثورة: fighting against the government trying to change it
  2. Great Britain: England
  3. Soldiers جنود: warriors fighting for a country
  4. Acts قوانين: laws
  5. Quarter العيش في المنزل: to live, house
  6. Violate للذهاب ضد: to go against
  7. Tax ضريبة: money you pay to the government
  8. Stamp Act: tax on paper products
  9. Repeal إلغاء: to cancel
  10. Boston: a city in Massachusetts
  11. Consent الإذن: agreement, permission
  12. Tea شاي: a warm drink that’s famous in England
  13. Parliament الحكومة البريطانية: the British government
  14. Massacre مذبحة: an attack with a lot of deaths
  15. Patriots: people who go against the government
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Econ 6.1 Vocab

Here is Econ Chapter 6.1 Vocab!

  1. price: the value of a product determined by supply and demand
  2. signals: signs, hints
  3. neutral: not favoring producer or consumer
  4. consumption: use of a product
  5. compromises: when 2 sides agree to give up something they want to meet in the middle
  6. rationing: where government decides everyone’s “fair” share
  7. salary: amount of money made per year (fixed)
  8. incentive: reason to do something, motivation
  9. motivation: wanting to work harder and succeed
  10. allocation: dividing up goods or money
  11. inflation: the steady increase of prices
  12. rebate: partial refund of the original price of a product
  13. employees: workers
  14. network: a connect group of businesses
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17.5 Vocab

  1. slave: a person that is owned by another person
  2. labor: work
  3. captured: to take
  4. debt: when you owe someone money
  5. overwork: working too much
  6. century: 100 years
  7. slave trading center: a place where slaves were bought and sold
  8. rights: things you are allowed to do
  9. cruel: very mean and unfair
  10. whip: to hit with a long stick
  11. expand: to get bigger and stretch out
  12. rebel: to go against your leader or government
  13. abolish: to stop or cancel
  14. successful: achieving your goal or mission
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Civil Rights Movement Vocab

Civil Rights Movement (CRM) Vocab List

  1. Denied: to tell someone no
  2. segregation: separation of blacks and whites
  3. Integration: to mix blacks and whites (opposite of segregation)
  4. Shame: embarrassment
  5. Risk: to put your life in danger
  6. Violence: forceful and harmful
  7. Discrimination: treating people differently because of their race.
  8. victim: a person who is hurt by others
  9. unconstitutional: illegal
  10. Little Rock: the capital city of Arkansas
  11. Montgomery: the capital city of Alabama
  12. Lansing: the capital city of Michigan
  13. Mobs: groups of angry and violent people
  14. riots: violent protests by mobs
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Econ 5.3 Vocab

26. Fixed Costs (FC): prices that don’t ever change الأسعار التي لا تتغير

27.Variable Costs (VC): production costs that change when the level of production changes

يكلف هذا التغيير

28. Total Costs (TC): FC + VC إجمالي التكاليف

29.Marginal Costs (MC): the EXTRA cost of producing one additional unit of output

تكاليف إضافية

30.Additional: more than before إضافي

31. E-commerce: online buying and selling اعمال تجاريه عبر الانترنت

32.Operate: how something runs/works

33.Inventory: the number of products a business has available المخزون

34. Break-even point: when TC = TR

35. Total Revenue (TR): total amount a business earns إجمالي الإيرادات

36. Marginal Revenue (MR): the EXTRA revenue from the sale of one additional unit of output إيرادات إضافية

37. Marginal Analysis (MA): decision making regarding extra costs and benefits to be gained

38. Profit maximizing: when the firm has reached its highest total profit (MC = MR)

أعلى ربح إجمالي

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Econ 5.2 Vocab

14. Production function: a graph that shows how a change in the amount of a single variable input changes total production

15. Various مختلف: several; many

16. Short run وقت سريع: a time so fast that only the amount of variable input can be changed

17. Labor عمل: work

18. Long run وقت طويل: a time long enough to change the amounts of all inputs

19. Total product إجمالي المنتج: total (full) production made by a company or business

20. Marginal product: extra production due to more help/work إنتاج إضافي بسبب مساعدة إضافية

21. Firm عمل واحد: a business that sells stuff for profit

22. Stages of production (3): helps a firm decide how many workers to hire and for how long

23. Rate سرعة: speed something is made or done

24. Contribution مساعدة: help

25. Diminishing returns: making less products than before صنع منتجات أقل

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Econ Chapter 5.1 Vocab

Chapter 5 Vocab Terms

  1. Supply إمدادات : the amount of a product for sale
  2. Law of supply: suppliers will offer more products for sale at higher prices than at lower prices
  3. Supply schedule: a table that lists the numbers of a product supplied at various prices
  4. Supply curve: a graph that shows data for a single producer in a market
  5. Market supply curve: shows quantities offered by ALL producers that sell the same product in a market
  6. Interaction تفاعل: dealing or working with
  7. Change in supply: when suppliers offer different amounts of products for sale at market prices
  8. Suppliers مورد: those who make (produce) products for sale
  9. Subsidy المدفوعات الحكومية: A payment by the government to encourage or protect economics
  10. Regulations أنظمه: rules
  11. Supply elasticity: a measure of how the quantity supplied responds to a change in price
  12. Purchases مشتريات: things bought
  13. Adjust ضبط: to make better, fix