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   Jun 05

Parent Survey

HI Everyone, as we are winding down the school year, I just want to wish you all a wonderful summer. Enjoy yourselves..stay active but be safe. Eat healthy, laugh often and get lots of sleep! I hope to see all of you in the fall! Please ask your parents to fill out the following survey that is very important. Check on here every so often for updates! Thanks for a great year!

   May 18

I Miss You!

Hello, boys and girls! As I look out the window as I’m writing this post, I see rain and a cloudy sky. It’s been like this since yesterday. I hope it stops soon and the sun comes out because I have vegetables and herbs to plant! I think I saw on the news that we would be getting clost to 80 degrees this weekend! Yay!

Well – this is Week # 10! I hope everyone is well. Listed on the right side of this page under the heading Class Links are videos to watch and the link for the District P.E. Blog that is updated daily with activities and nutritional information. Check them out! Enjoy!

More importantly, I hope you are visiting the Special Area Courses on iLearn. Did you know that you will be receiving grades in each of your Special Area Classes? You will be graded on your participation. Each Special Area has a section for their activities, so start now and check them out! They are fun!

In the PE section we have 4 things:

1 – WEEKLY ACTIVITY LOG. This is the most important one. It needs to be filled out honestly, every week. It’s a very simple form. We’d like to know what you are doing to stay active and what kinds of healthy food you are eating. You have from Monday through Sunday to go on and fill it out.

2 – P.E. WEEKLY VIDEOS. Mrs Suarez and I post a video each week. We have a lot of fun making them and the activities are fun, too! We have a special guest each week. Each week check out the new one on Wednesday afternoons.

3 – WEEKLY P.E. DISCUSSION FORUM. This is another form you can fill out after you have watched our video. You can also upload a picture or a video of you doing exercises or an activity. You can respond to each other and we respond to all of your replies.

4 – DAILY DISTRICT P.E. BLOG. This blog has daily activities and a healty snack recipe. There are very fun videos, activities and workouts. You can choose to participate in any or all of them.

So – make sure to check out our PE Section and fill out the log every week, but also check out the other Special Area Sections. We are doing this for you and we hope you spend time checking everything out and enjoy!

Click the link to get you to ILearn:

Take care and Stay Safe!

   Apr 21

Dearborn Daily P.E. Blog

Make sure you check out this incredible blog that is updated daily with fun activites and nutritional information. You’ll love it!

   Apr 19


Make sure you check out the new Ilearn page for all of your special areas. We will be posting recorded videos, discussion forums and weekly activities and assignments. Ms. Holmes sent out an email and a video on how to get on to the page. Make sure you scroll all the way down to see all of the subjects. There are assignments that are REQUIRED for you to complete but, most importantly, I believe there are things you will really enjoy doing!

   Apr 15

Dearborn PE Blog- Check It Out!

Click on the Class Link on the right side of this page that says, Dearborn PE Blog! It is a great site that is updated everyday and has fun activities and nutritional information.

   Apr 15

Wednesday April 15,2020

Enjoy today’s workout by Joe! Have fun. He might be hard to understand but just follow along with him. Do as long as you can.

   Apr 13

MONDAY April 13,2020

Have fun with this workout. Make sure you have paper and a pencil so you can keep track of how many you are doing so over the weeks you can see if you improve.

I love Joe’s workouts!

   Apr 03

FRIDAY 4/3/2020

Happy Friday! I hope you’re all doing well. The weather is finally great. Make sure you all get outside and take a nice long walk…keeping a safe distance from others. Here’s a fun video. I’ll be posting from Joe a lot. It’s always a workout the whole family can enjoy. Have a wonderful but safe spring break.

   Mar 31

TUESDAY 3/31/2020

Well, it’s the last day of March! This year has flown by! Today, I’m posting a calendar for April. I know you are very busy doing your school work but try to find even a couple minutes to do the activity of the day on the calendar. Also, don’t forget that getting fresh air and eating healthy will help you feel great. While it’s very important to keep your brain active and healthy, don’t forget about your heart and muscles! Make sure to include having fun in your day, as well. I miss all of you!😊

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