It is snowy and cold outside but please remember to pack gym shoes to wear in PE class. It is not healthy or safe to wear snow boots or dress shoes and boots in PE. Thanks and have a wonderful warm day!!

We are retesting the hand dribble  and jump roping in the classes this week and next before the end of the marking period. It is very important that everyone brings gym shoes to wear in class. It is not safe or healthy to wear snow boots or dress boots and shoes in gym. Thanks so much and stay active!

Over break, don’t forget to get off the couch and move!! Relaxing and playing video games are part of a break but don’t forget, it’s important to keep your bodies healthy too! 3rd graders should really start jumping rope to practice for your test in a few weeks. Do your jumping jacks and sit ups! Run in place and do your scissor kicks! I’ll see you in a couple of weeks..Enjoy your time off from school and come back refreshed. Go Broncos!!

Way to go, Broncos! We raised $2800.00 for the American Heart Association during our Jump Rope for Heart campaign. That will help save a lot of lives! We also had a lot of fun with our fitness stations to celebrate the week. I’m looking forward to next year!

Just go to this link to make an online payment to receive Tuskers!  Bring in your coupon and $5 for Rory the Lion and a lanyard. All envelopes are due by Feb. 16! Help to save lives by collecting donations for the American Heart Association. Every $50 raised helps to train another person in CPR so they can save a person’s life! Raise money and receive prizes…This is a great cause in battling heart disease.

unnamed-1 unnamed-2 unnamed-3 unnamed-4 unnamed-5 unnamed-6 unnamed Working together and having fun! Our best results are when we are good listeners and when we work together!

I am so excited to be at Henry Ford! I’m sure it will be a great year and I can’t wait to meet all of my new students! You will find all of the class requirements and what I grade students on on the Class requirements link. Please remember to wear gym shoes and gym clothes on gym days. Girls please remember to pull you hair back so it doesn’t get in your face. Please check back regularly as I like to post pictures and posts of the fun things we are doing. Right now my K and 1st are testing hopping on one foot and the 2nd graders are testing on galloping. Everyone will be working on the soccer instep kick which will be another test. I do have videos demonstrating the instep kick under Class Links. Good luck this year and let’s have fun moving!!!

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