Thank you everyone for your input the last couple of days.

I noticed that based on your responses,

some students do not read everything that I write!!

Instead, some students only SKIM the post, read SOME things, look for pictures for hints, look at other students’ responses, and then they submit their answer based on what they THINK the assignemnt MIGHT be!! This is is not a good way of working. You should read EVERYTHING and read for understanding, before you start typing your response. If you still have questions, email me.

I have created new Google Classrooms for each Drawing & Painting Level. We will begin using Google Classroom for assignments. There is a new assignment there for you to work on today.

Please log in to your school google account, go to CLASSROOM, and use one of the following CLASSROOM CODES to join:

  • DRAWING & PAINTING 1 students:
    • bdoq2tg
  • DRAWING & PAINTING 2 students:
    • 5qqqjc3
  • DRAWING & PAINTING 3 students:
    • yfm3rmg
  • DRAWING & PAINTING 4 students:
    • aulzhca

TODAY’S IMAGE. (this is not part of your assignment. It is only for your enjoyment, contemplation, and consideration… So you don’t have to do anything else with it.

TITLE: “Peasant Couple Going to Work in the Morning” by Vincent van Gogh

Painted in 1890.