Balancing Opposites

Balancing opposites.. it is like finding a way for things, that are not alike, to exist together.

  • the GOOD and the BAD
  • the DARK and the LIGHT
  • the HEAT and the COLD
  • the EASY and the DIFFICULT
  • the MALE and the FEMALE
  • the DAY and the NIGHT
  • the SUN and the MOON
  • the LIVING and the DEAD
  • the SWEET and the BITTER
  • the ROUND and the ANGULAR
  • the DISTANT and the NEAR
  • the CLEAR and the VAGUE
  • the CHAOTIC and the PEACEFUL
  • the ONE and the MULTIPLE

Think about some of these opposites, or others. In Google Classroom, you will have a sketching assignment assigned today related to the ideas listed above.

“Sharecropper” by Elizabeth Catlett, 1952
“Amid Hallucinatory Moons” by Betye Saar, 1962
“Northern Point” by Andrew Wyeth, 1956
“Perseverance – (Land Memory Series)” by Mr. Bazzi, 2007
“The Evil Genius of a King” by Giorgio de Chirico, 1915