Have You Joined?

Are you keeping UP?


I began posting assignments on Google Classroom a week ago, on Friday, March 20. Most students have joined their correct Drawing & Painting level on Google Classroom, and have turned in their assignments. GOOD JOB EVERYONE!!! But some students have not joined yet. A few students have joined, but have not done all the assignments on time.

We’ve all heard from some news sources that the work you do at home might not count. The truth is that the Michigan Department of Education has not made a final decision on this, and the Governor has released a more recent statement assuring parents that the work students do at home most likely will count. The Michigan Department of Education released its earlier statement, before the governor’s statement, because they were quoting what the law said before this pandemic started. In order for our work online to count, the Michigan legislature will have to change the law… and this is what we are waiting for.

In the meantime, you have to continue doing your classwork at home. Teachers are continuing to assign work in all classes, so that you can stay up do date in all your classes and earn credit for your classes this semester. THE LAST THING WE WANT TO DO IS HAVE TO REPEAT THIS SEMESTER!!! It is very possible—in fact it is VERY LIKELY—that the work we do at home online WILL count. So keep working. Your teachers want you to keep up with your work so that you can get credit for all your classes this semester.

I have hope and trust in all of you ! ! !

So if you have not joined your Drawing & Painting class on Google Classroom, do so NOW! Make sure you join the correct Drawing & Painting level.

It does not matter what hour you are registered in Drawing & Painting.. The important thing is your level.

  • DRAWING & PAINTING 1 Class Code:
    • bdoq2tg
  • DRAWING & PAINTING 2 Class Code:
    • 5qqqjc3
  • DRAWING & PAINTING 3 Class Code:
    • yfm3rmg
  • DRAWING & PAINTING 4 Class Code:
    • aulzhca

It is also very important that you visit THIS BLOG every morning, Monday through Friday, for assignment updates.

If you need reminders on the REMIND APP, my remind Code is: @f9akhk6

If you are having difficulty uploading/turning in drawings & assignments on Google Classroom, I will post instructions on Monday to help you with that.