Parent/Teacher Conferences

Good afternoon!

Next week Woodworth will be holding virtual parent/teacher conferences. The dates and times are listed below:

  • Monday, 11/9: 3:20-7:00 PM
  • Wednesday, 11/11: 3:20-7:00 PM

You must sign up for an appointment. Each appointment will be 5 minutes long to make sure there is enough time for me to meet with other parents.

The link below is what you need to click on to sign up for an appointment. Please have your parent’s name or your name for the appointment and check the box for translation services. PLEASE SIGN UP FOR ONLY ONE APPOINTMENT.

Appointment Assignment Link Click Here

Class Updates

Hope you had a great weekend! This week is a shortened week, no school tomorrow because of election day.

Grade book will be updated by the end of the day tomorrow, afterwards I will be submitting my grades for report cards. If you have any questions, let me now.

Learning lab rosters are updated for the week, the learning lab link has been added to the Learning Lab rosters slideshow on our course homepage. 

Starting 11/2: Any assignment turned in late after it’s due date will recieve a late penalty. 

  • Completed after the due date: reduction of 20% of graded score
  • Completed after one week of due date: reduction of 40% of graded score

Class Reminders!

All missing work is due by midnight tonight. If it is turned in late, it will not be graded.

If you need extra time you need to reach out to me in an email.

Grade book will be updated again on Monday/Tuesday before I submit report card grades.

All assignments in Student Connect have the Schoology links for the assignments listed in the instructions. This will help you find the missing work.

8th Grade Reminder:

  • Test on Thursday, 11/5. Study guide due before test.
  • Tell Tale Heart CCR Due 11/9. We will work on this on Monday and for asynchronous.

7th Grade Reminder:

  • Thank You Ma’am/Characterization Quiz on Monday
    • 6th Hour: You will take the quiz during synchronous meeting
    • 1st/3rd Hour: You need to come to our learning lab to take the quiz.

End of Quarter 1 is Tomorrow!

Reminder! All missing work is due by midnight tomorrow! The grade book will be updated one more time on Monday or Tuesday before I submit my grades for report cards!

If you have any questions, send me an email or join learning labs.

All of the links for your Schoology assignments are located on student connect now in the assignment’s information.

Week of 10/26

Good morning! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekends!

Grade book will be updated tonight or tomorrow night. Last day to turn in all missing work is this Friday, the last day of the card marking.

Learning lab rosters have been updated and email reminders have been sent out. We are doing all virtual learning labs this week for my class. Even if you are not invited, feel free to join!

This week, I will be starting to mark tardies if you are over 10 minutes late to class. We have been using the online learning schedule for two months, you know when you should be in class by now!

Learning Labs

Good Morning!

The district has cancelled in Learning Labs due to the positivity rates in the county for COVID-19 cases. As soon as they start up again, you will be informed!

I will still be holding virtual learning labs for students. Please join at anytime.

I will be holding open learning labs this week to help students with their missing work or help with other things. Please use the same zoom link for our regular class meetings to join. Meeting times are below.

7th Grade:

  • 1st: 10/21/2020 & 10/23/2020, 2:15-3
  • 3rd: 10/21/2020 & 10/23/2020, 12:15-1
  • 6th: 10/22/2020, 2:15-3

8th Grade

  • 4th: 10/22/2020, 12:15-1
  • 5th: 10/22/2020, 1:15-2

Happy Monday 10/19!

Learning Lab rosters are updated and reminder emails have been sent out. Check the Schoology roster if you aren’t sure if you have been signed up!

The marking period ends next Friday, 10/30. That is the last day to turn in missing work for 8/31-10/30

7th Grade:

Notebook check on Friday for 6th Hour, Monday for 1st & 3rd!

Grade book is updated!

Test retake information on your Schoology courses in class updates and in this week’s folder!

8th Grade:

Grade book will be updated tonight! Notebook check on Friday!

Grade Book Updated & Class Reminders

7th Grade Students

  • Reminder you have a test this week on plot diagram, types of conflict, and “The Dinner Party”.
    • 1st & 3rd Hour: Your test is Friday
    • 6th Hour: Your test is tomorrow!
    • We will be reviewing the study guide today in class and in our learning labs.
  • Make sure you get your conflict CER turned in! It is a summative assignment!

8th Grade Students

  • We will continue to work on Poe Scavenger Hunt Tomorrow
  • Please make sure you are turning in your asynchronous assignments! Be honest when taking the pretest, do not look up the answers! This does not give me an accurate idea of what you need help with!
  • Check student connect for missing assignments!

Happy Sunday!

Good morning! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

  • Learning Lab rosters are updated.
    • Check our Schoology page for the rosters.
    • You also will receive a reminder email tomorrow morning.
    • If you have not finished NWEA, you need to come to our learning lab to finish your test. 
  • Your homework for the week is due tonight by 11:59 PM
    • 7th Grade: IXL lessons and the types of conflict HW
    • 8th Grade: IXL lesson
  • Grade book will be updated tomorrow night. 
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