Parts of Speech Notes

Here is a link to a presentation with the definitions for the different parts of speech.

Remember to complete the homework that is due tomorrow.

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Students will continue to practice identifying parts of speech this week. On Monday, they will be completing a gallery walk today to learn about the 8 parts of speech.

They will be writing down the information from the different posters other students have created.


They are receiving a worksheet to practice identifying the different parts of speech today. This will be due tomorrow.

Students will be asked to read sentences and label the different parts of speech that are there.


On Tuesday and Wednesday students will complete a scavenger hunt looking for parts of speech in books, magazines, and newspapers.


Thursday and Friday is the last day to work on the December/January reading logs. These are due on Friday. It is a 50 point summative assignment.

All missing or make up work is also due on Friday.

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Parts of Speech Project

Today is the last day students will be working on their parts of speech projects in class. Remember you need to have it completed for Monday’s gallery walk.

When you come into class on Monday be ready to grab your poster and put it up in the room for the activity.


Reading Logs are due next Friday.

You need a total of four reading log assignments completed. This is a 50 point summative assignment.

You will have time next week on Thursday and Friday to complete these.

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Welcome Back and Happy New Year!


This week, students are completing a parts of speech poster project. They have chosen one of the eight parts of speech, and will create a poster to share with the class. Students are reading a comic strip related to their part of speech, and are completing a worksheet to practice identifying the parts of speech. This project is due January 14th. On that day in class, students will put up their posters and walk around the room writing down notes from their fellow classmates’ posters.


Students have been assigned a reading strategy refresher for homework this week. This is due on Friday. Students need to read the article and answer the questions that accompany the article. I have attached the color version of the document to help students view the images.



Next Friday (January 18), student independent reading log assignments are due. This is a 50 point summative assignment. They need to have four reading log assignments completed. Students started this assignment in December. They will have two days to complete this in class before the due date (January 11 and January 17).


Last day I am accepting make up work is January 18th. Students need to see me before or after school to get their work.

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Missing Work/Resubmitting Graded Work

Tomorrow students will be given the chance to get their missing work and work on resubmitting any graded work for a better score. Students can get their missing work from me before or after school. If there is time in class I can try to get it for them. All students have been given their summative NewsELA assignment from last week, and were shown how it affected their grade. This is one of the assignments students can work on tomorrow.


Any work that is being resubmitted for a better score needs to be done on a lined piece of paper and must have the original assignment stapled to the paper. If students turned in the assignment late they will only receive 60% of the credit for the assignment. This is our class policy that was discussed with students at the beginning of the semester.


If the work is not complete, students can work on it over break or when we get back.


Last reminder that bell work for November and December is due tomorrow. They should have a total of 13 prompts, the last one will be done at the beginning of the hour tomorrow. Students can check the class blog or see me after school today to see if they are missing any prompts.


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We are in the home stretch! Five days left before winter break!


This week we will be working on a project that was started last week. Working in groups, the students are creating anchor charts using the reading strategies we have covered in class. They will be working on this assignment today, Tuesday, and Wednesday. They are due at the end of the hour Wednesday or Thursday at the beginning of class.


I will not be assigning homework this week in case extra time is needed for the anchor chart. Check if you are missing assignments that you want to grab. You are also getting back your NewsELA article summaries on Tuesday. This was a summative assignment, so if you do not like your score you can redo the assignment for a better grade. You need to make your changes on a lined piece of paper and staple it to the original worksheet for it to be resubmitted. If you want to redo the assignment, the articles are located in the class info/resources menu on the blog.


This Thursday (12/21) our November/December bell work is due. By Thursday there should be a total of 13 bell work prompts. If you are any missing any check the bell work menu on the blog or see me before/after school.

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Happy Monday!


This week students will complete their final summarizing practice using two NewsELA articles. They must read the articles and complete a worksheet summarizing the main idea. This is a summative assignment worth 26 points. Students have until Thursday to complete the assignment, they will be given time in class to complete, but they may also need to work on it for homework.


We will begin to cover grammar concepts in class this week. Students will be taking a grammar pre-test Monday and Tuesday. This test will not affect their grade, it is just a way to determine which material is going to be covered.

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60 Second Fairy Tale Assignment

Hoping everyone enjoyed their weekend!


This week students will be working in small groups to complete a project. Each group as been assigned a fairy tale that they will be reading and summarizing. They will be presenting their summary of the tale to the class this Thursday 12/6. Students have been told that this date may be pushed back if groups need extra time, but they need to expect to be ready by Thursday. This is a 15 point summative assignment.


All work for this assignment will be completed in class. They will read the tale, complete a summarizing worksheet, and prepare their presentations. The students can do a formal presentation or they can act out their presentations. Dressing up/costumes or props/powerpoint presentations would be an excellent way to earn extra credit on this assignment. The project’s rubric is located here.


Students also received homework today that is due on Friday. They will be asked to read a short passage and practice their reading strategies with the article. The assignment with colored pictures is located here.


Grades for progress reports are due on Friday, this will be the last day for students to turn in missing work for it to make it onto Q2 progress reports.


Image result for fairy tales

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Main Idea and Reading Log Reminders

Students are continuing to work on identifying main idea. We have been practicing this skill in class for the past several days.


Next week students will be assigned a summative assignments testing their summarizing skills. Remind them to complete their homework and review the notes that we did in class, so they are prepared for the assignments.


This Friday (11/30) is the last day students will be given to work on their November reading logs. This month we began independent reading, where students have been reading a novel of their choice two days a week in class. They have also been working on reading log worksheets that have them practice their reading strategies that have been covered in class. This is a summative assignment that the students have been working on once a week in class. They will turn them in at the end of the hour on Friday to be graded.

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Main Idea 11/26-11/28

Welcome back! I hope everyone was able to enjoy a quiet and relaxing Thanksgiving weekend with their friends and families!


This week students will be practicing how to identify the main idea of a passage.



  • We will be reviewing notes and doing practice passages.
  • Students received a homework assignment today that will be due on Wednesday 11/28.
    • Students have to read five short passages and identify the main idea and supporting details of each passage. This information is provided for them in a box on the sheet, all they need to do is copy the information down onto the correct lines.


  • Students will practice identifying main idea using short passages in class.


  • Students will be completing a carousel activity. Students will walk around the room to identify the main idea of different passages.
  • Students will receive a reading passage to complete for homework. They will have reading comprehension questions and main idea questions.
    • Due on Monday 12/3

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