Weekly Agenda

Students will be learning about clauses and phrases in sentences.

Students received a packet last week to complete their work in.

On Monday, they will be working on independent and dependent clauses.

Tuesday and Wednesday will be an introduction to phrases with time to practice.

To end our short week, Thursday will be a book report work day.

Due Dates Coming Up:

Subject/Predicate Worksheets due Monday

They will be marked as a “0” or late after Monday

May BW Check + all reading logs due 05/31

All extra credit & late work due 06/07

May Book Report due 06/10

Work days: 5/23, 5/29, 5/30, 5/31, 6/6, 6/7, 6/10



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Weekly Plan

Students will be practicing subject/predicate and clauses this week.

Students have been working on 4 worksheets practicing identifying subject and predicate in a sentence.

Monday is the last day we will be working on these. They are due Wednesday.

Tuesday, we will be playing games that will have students continuing to practice this skill.

Wednesday and Thursday we will be talking about sentence clauses.

Students will be completing notes and practice worksheets.

Friday will be the first day students work on their May book reports.

Due date 06/10. 

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Week Agenda

This week students will be learning the different parts of a sentence.

We will be starting with subject and predicate.

Students will complete notes and begin practice worksheets.

They will get 2-3 days to work on the sheets.

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Week Plan

Good luck to 7th grade! They are taking the M-STEP this week.

This week all students will be completing their verbal practice sheets and their April book reports.

Monday and Tuesday will be days for students to work on their verbal practice sheets.

The following sheets are due Wednesday:

Completed Verbal Flip Book

Participle VS Gerund coloring activity

Dangling Participle and Split Infinitive writing worksheet

Verbal Mentor Sentences

Wednesday – Friday will be book report work days.

The book report is due this Friday. 

8th Grade: You need to turn yours in before or after school on Friday because of the field trip.

If you are absent Friday, the book report needs to be turned in Monday 05/6, or it will be marked as a zero.

Bell work for March/April is also due on Friday. There are a total of 12 prompts.

I am staying late Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday if students need help or if they need extra credit/missing assignments. 





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Happy Friday!!!

I have a couple of end of the week reminders for students.


Need poster for book report? Let me know by 5/1

Remember to give me $1.

Book reports and March/April bell work due 5/03

There will be 12 prompts graded for bell work/

There will be two more in class days to work on book reports.

8th Grade: You need to turn yours in before or after school on Friday because of the field trip.

If you are absent Friday, it needs to be turned in Monday 05/6, or it will be marked as a zero.

Verbal worksheets and flip books due 4/30

We will be working on them all hour Monday and Tuesday.  

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Week Plan

Students are continuing to practice verbals in class.
They will be learning about:

1. The differences between gerunds and present participles

2. The dangling participle and split infinitive

3. How to write using different verbals

As they complete in class practice sheets, students will also be completing their verbal flip books.

These are due next Monday (04/29).

This Friday will be the 2nd work day for the May book reports. Due 05/03

Reminder: March/April Bell Work is due 05/03

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Week Plan

Today students will be given their last day to complete their Verbal practice worksheets in class.

They are due this Wednesday.

Students will also have their flip pages checked in on the same day. Students need to have the Participles, Gerunds, and Infinitives pages completed.

They will also be doing test prep on Tuesday/Wednesday with their first summative assignment for the quarter.

Thursday is the first day students will be working on their April book reports.

They will receive the assignments  on Monday or Tuesday.

They will be starting to work on the brainstorming activities that go with the assignment.

Upcoming Due Dates


Completed Verbals Flip Book


March/April Bell Work (13 prompts)

April Book Report 

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Welcome Back!

I hope everyone was able to relax and enjoy their spring break!

This is the start of Quarter 4, so it is a fresh start for students.

This week students will begin to learn a new grammar concept: Verbals.

They will be creating a flip book and doing in class practice sheets.

Worksheets are due next Wednesday (04/17).

I will also be checking if their flip book pages are complete.

Students will be having a conference with me Wednesday-Monday for their April Independent Reading Project.

Hope to see many of you at parent-teacher conferences this Thursday (4/11) from 3:30-6:30.

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T-Minus 4 Days Left Until Spring Break!

This week students will  be completing their Titanic and Japanese Internment Camp Survivor posters.

They will be given a short writing prompt to complete comparing two of the accounts that are being shared. This is a 15 point summative.

Students will receive one more day to work on their March book reports in class (7th Grade 03/26 & 8th Grade 03/27)

This project is due on Friday. 

As soon as we get back from break, grades are due for the end of Quarter 3.

All work that students would like graded for progress reports needs to be turned in by Friday, so that it will be graded in time.

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This week students are working on a project to finish our point of view unit.

Students are reading nonfiction texts and identifying how the author’s point of view effects the passage.

7th grade classes are looking at Titanic survivor accounts. (Due 3/25)

8th grade classes are looking at survivor accounts from the Japanese Internment camps and newspaper articles on the topic. (Due 3/26)

Students are assigned groups to complete the assignment.

After reading their assigned document and answering questions, students will be creating a poster for their document to share with the class.

Friday will be students 2nd work day for their March book report. They will have a substitute teacher for the day.

Students have been informed what they need to bring with them to do their work on Friday.

Next Friday, 03/29, is the last day of Quarter 3. This is the last day for students to turn in missing work.

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