Week of 02/10-02/14

Good morning! Hoping everyone had a relaxing weekend!

Monday: Last day for students to work on their vision board project in class. This assignment is due on Friday.

Tuesday/Wednesday: I-Ready Diagnostic test. We have gained access to the online material for the I-Ready program. This is a great opportunity for the students to work on improving their skills in class. Students will be taking a diagnostic test to place them in the appropriate lessons.

Thursday/Friday: Finish I-Ready if needed. Other students will work on Burnbridge Mystery.

Week of 02/03-02/07

Good morning!

This week students will be working on their Vision Board assignments. They will be finishing the workbook pages Monday and Tuesday. The rest of the week they will be working on the Vision Board poster. Students will be working on finding pictures for the poster or drawing their pictures to decorate their vision boards.

This vision board assignment will give students time to reflect on their goals that they have for the school year. This assignment is due 02/14.

Week of 01/27-01/31

I hope everyone was able to enjoy their weekend!

Monday/Tuesday: Students will be working on their Word Wall Activity. Tuesday is the last day in class for this assignment.

Wednesday/Thursday/Friday: Students are going to begin a vision board assignment for the 2020 school year. Students will be given time on Friday to continue updating their notebooks.

Students will begin independent reading again next week. They will be sent to the library during the week to pick new books.

Week of 01/13-01/17

Good morning, I am sorry for the late posting, I have been out sick.

Monday: Students had a substitute teacher.

Tuesday-Wednesday: Students will work on their midterm project.

Thursday: 7th grade will do their mock trial presentation for their midterm. 8th grade will turn in their midterm murder board project. This is the last day for students to turn in missing work from quarter 2.

Friday: Half day, last day of semester 1.

Week of 01/6/2020-01/10/2020


I hope that everyone enjoyed their winter break! We are back to work in the new year.

Semester one ends next Friday (01/17/2020), I will be accepting late work until 01/14/2020.

Monday: Students will review procedures and complete a writing activity for winter break.

Tuesday-Friday: Students will be working on a new year’s resolution assignment for bell work. They will also be working on their midterm project. This project is due next week on Tuesday (01/14/2020). Information for the project is located under the in class work menu on the blog.

Students were given a progress report before they left for winter break if their grade was below 60%. This needs to be signed and returned by Friday or a phone call home will be made.

Week of 12/16-12/20

Welcome Back!

We are in the last five days before we leave for winter break. Students will be working on two class projects.

Monday/Tuesday: VocAPPulary work days. Assignment due on Wednesday. All information for assignment is on the class blog.

Wednesday/Thursday: Short Story Project. Students are working on their group projects for their short stories. All information for projects are on the class blog. Notebook check on Wednesday (15 bell work prompts and a complete root chart)

Friday: Class Activity

Week of 12/09-12/13

This week students will continue to work on their VocAPPulary assignment and will begin a project for the short stories we finished last week.

Monday: VocAPPulary assignment work time. Students have already chosen their root words, and now they are beginning to find their example words and definitions. Due 12/18

Tuesday: Last day for students to work on short story assignments (reading questions or flip book). Due Wednesday 12/11

Wednesday-Thursday: Short story project work day. Project will be student’s midterm. Will work on assignment in class. Due 01/15.

Friday: Independent Reading Assignment

Reminder: Notebook check 12/18. Total of 15 bell work prompts (11/11-12/9). Roots charts complete.

Week of 12/2-12/6

Welcome back, hoping everyone enjoyed their break!

Monday: Students will be creating a VocAPPulary. They will be choosing different root words to use. The assignment needs to have different example words that use the root word correctly. They will be working on this every Monday in class. The assignment is due on 12/17.

Interactive VocAPPulary

Rubric for VocAPPulary

Root Words located under notes section. Root Trees for example words are located under the in class work/projects menu.

Tuesday-Friday: Students will continue to read the short stories in class (7th Grade: Lamb to the Slaughter, 8th Grade: Cask of Amontillado). They will be working on their reading assignments in class. Friday, students will watch a movie version of their story.

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