9/21 Week Overview

Good afternoon!

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekends!

I have updated the grade book. The only assignment that still needs to be graded is the Email Practice you turned in last week. It will added in by Friday 9/25. Please check the grade book to make sure I didn’t make any mistakes. 

We will be starting virtual learning labs and NWEA testing this week. If you have received an email from me about the learning labs, you will be participating in them during our afternoon Asynchronous classes this week. 

Office Hours 9/16-9/17

Good morning! I will hold office hours during asynchronous work time today and tomorrow. If you need help with an assignment or have a question feel free to join. You can join by clicking on the Zoom link on our Schoology page. It is the same meeting link for when we meet for class.

The office hour schedule is below:

  • Wednesday 9/16
    • 4th: 12:10-1:05
    • 5th: 1:10-2:05
    • 6th: 2:10-3:10
  • Thursday 9/17
    • 3rd 12:10-1:05
    • 1st: 2:10-3:10

Week 3

Happy 3rd week of school!

The grade book is updated with all of the work that was turned in yesterday. Please make sure you check student connect if you have any missing assignments.

You can still turn in these assignments without having them marked late. Make sure you submit the assignments on Schoology, do not share them with me.

Let me know if you need anything!

First Full Online Learning Day

Welcome back, y’all!

Bitmoji Image

It has been a crazy start to the school year and it hasn’t even been a full week yet!

With today being an A day I met with 1-3 on zoom for our Synchronous learning. We did some basic introductions and created our digital notebooks! Don’t worry 4-6 hours, that will be you tomorrow for B day!

Please, please, please subscribe to the blog and sign up for remind. The information for remind is in your daily agenda slide on Schoology.

Make sure you complete your assignment, and message me if you need anything at all!