This week students are working on a project to finish our point of view unit.

Students are reading nonfiction texts and identifying how the author’s point of view effects the passage.

7th grade classes are looking at Titanic survivor accounts. (Due 3/25)

8th grade classes are looking at survivor accounts from the Japanese Internment camps and newspaper articles on the topic. (Due 3/26)

Students are assigned groups to complete the assignment.

After reading their assigned document and answering questions, students will be creating a poster for their document to share with the class.

Friday will be students 2nd work day for their March book report. They will have a substitute teacher for the day.

Students have been informed what they need to bring with them to do their work on Friday.

Next Friday, 03/29, is the last day of Quarter 3. This is the last day for students to turn in missing work.

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Quiz Tomorrow

Reminder, tomorrow you will be taking your reading quiz on the news article we have been reading in class.

You are allowed to have your annotated article and annotations key with you.

If you leave it at home or in your locker you will not be given extra time for the test or be let out of the room to complete it.

After the quiz you will be given a point of view worksheet to complete for the article.

Friday is our first in class work day for the March book reports. You will receive your assignment paper that day.

You will need to have complete the brainstorm section of the assignment.

I will be available after school Friday if you need any help or have any questions.

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Students will be reading an article in class and completing annotations for it.

They will be doing this for two days in class, and then will be taking a reading quiz for the article.

Students can use their annotated article for the quiz.

The quiz will be on Wednesday.

Students do not have  homework this week, but if they are not done with the annotated article in class, they will need to take it home to complete for homework.

They have also been given progress reports to take home and get signed.

If students would like to stay after school to get missing work or help on assignments, I am only available after school on Wednesday.

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Today students will be turning in their first independent reading book report and they be given the chance to look at the March book report assignments.

They will have made their final choice by the end of the week.

Students will continue to practice author’s point of view by conducting a mock trial in class using the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

They will be working in groups of two to complete the assignment.

Wednesday will be when they are presenting their work to the class.

Remember independent reading is done Wednesday-Friday for bell work.


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This week we will be working on practicing identifying author’s point of view.

We will have two days in class to complete their practice worksheets.

Students will have time in class to complete the work for point of view in class. If it is not finished during this time, they need to take it home.


The only assigned homework students have is their independent reading book reports.

They will have this Friday to work on these in class. They are due next Monday (3/4).

Anyone who needs a poster needs to let me know by tomorrow, and bring $1.

Students who are writing their assignment need to make sure they write neatly or type the assignment.

Additional information is located here.


Reminder, bell work for January and February is due this Friday (03/01).

1st Hour has a total of 8 prompts

3rd-6th hour will have a total of 9. 

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Sorry for the late update!

This week, students finished our fact and opinion mini unit, and are now covering point of view.

We will be receiving the different points of view and how an author’s bias and tone would affect their writing.

Students have received their independent reading book report. They will receive two in class days to work on this assignment (2/22 and 3/01). It is due 03/4.

This assignment is the main homework assigned for the next two weeks. They will do all other work in class, it will only become homework if they do not finish it during class work time.

Lastly, students have received progress reports with their current grades. They have been instructed to have them signed and turned in if they have a D+ or lower. This is due Friday.


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02/13 and 02/14


Because of yesterday’s ice day, the parts of speech paragraph due date has been moved to 02/20.

If you have any questions about the assignment, you can see me before or after school on Wednesday and next Tuesday for help.

Students will be completing fact and opinion notes in class today, and will be given worksheets to work on.

They will be given time in class tomorrow to finish them.

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This week we will be finishing the parts of speech unit in class, and we will be beginning Fact and Opinion.

Students will receive time in class today to finish brainstorming their parts of speech paragraph. This assignment is due on Thursday (02/14).

I have modeled the assignment for students in class. I added the images of my version below.

The first two images are my brainstorming pages, and the third image is my final paragraph.

Throughout the week I will be meeting with students to see what assignment they would like to do for their February Independent Reading project.

They will have two days in class to work on the assignment (2/22 & 3/1) before it is due on 3/4.






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02/07/2019 – 02/08/2019

Students are finishing their parts of speech practice today in class. They will be given a 2-sided worksheet for home that is due on Monday. Students can use one homework pass on the assignment to be applied to one side of the worksheet. The other must still be completed.


Tomorrow is our first day of independent reading. Students will also be given time to conference with me regarding their independent reading projects. We reviewed the assignment on Tuesday. The information is located in the independent reading page at the top of the blog.


On Friday, students will also be given time to work on a summative assignment. Students will be writing a paragraph using different parts of speech that they choose. Tomorrow is their only day to work on it in class. It is due next Thursday.

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Ice Day 02/6

Hope everyone is enjoying their day off!

Just a reminder, the parts of speech worksheets that were today will be due tomorrow. You get one extra day to finish any of them up. The parts of speech notes are located in the class resources section on the blog.

Remember to have a book ready for independent reading on Friday.

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