Welcome Back!

Good morning and Welcome Back!

I hope that everyone was able to have a relaxing and restful winter break with your friends and family!

Coming back today, we only have three weeks left in the 1st semester! There is still time to improve your grade, the last day to turn in any missing work to be graded is 1/20.

If you have any questions about your grade or missing work, please send me an email or join my learning lab. All missing work can be found on Schoology under Current Unit in an orange folder.

Today we are also starting our new units, 7th grade will start informational texts and 8th grade will start a mini poetry unit.

Happy Monday 12/7!

Good morning and happy Monday! Hope you all enjoyed your weekends!

Grade book has been updated and learning lab rosters have been updated too!

Please check your student connect to make sure everything is graded correctly.

You have a digital notebook check at the end of the week on Friday!

Happy Tuesday!!!

Good morning!

Both 7th and grade classes have begun to work on the new material for unit 2. Unit 1 work can still be turned in, but will not be graded for full points, since turned in after the original due date.

7th Grade will begin to prepare to read the drama, A Christmas Carol.

  • 7th Grade! Remember, your narrative final draft is due on Friday by midnight. You need to turn in the plot draft AND the final draft of your narrative. I showed you my example yesterday in class.
  • There is a notebook check coming up, please check that you have the required slides in your notebook. You can use mine as an example. It can be found under the Current Unit in Schoology.

8th Grade will be reviewing text features and CER for argumentative writing.

  • 8th Grade! Remember that today is the last day you can turn in your Tell Tale Heart Sequel without losing points for it being late.
  • There is a notebook check coming up, please check that you have the required slides in your notebook. You can use mine as an example. It can be found under the Current Unit in Schoology.

Happy Monday!

Good morning! We start our new schedule today! I have updated the online learning schedule PowerPoint on our Schoology course homepage. It is below the information for learning labs. I also shared the schedule yesterday on the blog.

Check Schoology for the class update to see what we are doing in class today and for other important announcements!

If you are having WIFI issues because of the storm, please send me an email! Also make sure your parent calls the school!

New Learning Schedule

Good afternoon, hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

As a reminder, tomorrow starts the new online learning schedule. You can find it by clicking here.

7th Grade:

  • Reminder you have a figurative language quiz tomorrow!
  • This week we will start to work on your narrative writing activity.

8th Grade:

  • We will continue to work on your Tell Tale Heart Sequel assignment. This assignment is due 11/23.
  • We will be practicing figurative language during the week for bell work and with an exit ticket to prepare for your quiz on 11/23.
  • Unit 1 test retakes are on Tuesday at 3:30. Check the test retake information page in Schoology to sign up.

Week of 11/9

Good morning! Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

Parent/Teacher Conferences are this week! Make sure you sign up. I shared the link on the blog last week and sent it in an email.

This week students will be working on figurative language for asynchronous assignment to help them prepare for their upcoming quizzes.

  • 7th Grade Quiz Dates
    • 6th Hour: Friday 11/13
    • 1rst/3rd: Monday, 11/16
  • 8th Grade Quiz
    • Thursday, 11/19

8th Grade

We will be starting to work on your summative narrative writing assignment today in class. 

Remember your Tell Tale Heart CCR is due tonight at midnight. If you turn it in early enough or email it to me, I can review it quickly for you!

Parent/Teacher Conference Reminder

Good morning, I hope everyone was able to enjoy the weekend! This is a reminder about parent/teacher conferences this week at Woodworth. The dates and times are listed below:

  • Monday, 11/9: 3:20-7:00 PM
  • Wednesday, 11/11: 3:20-7:00 PM

You must sign up for an appointment. Each appointment will be 5 minutes long to make sure there is enough time for me to meet with other parents. If you have already signed up for an appointment, you are all set! If you still need to sign up, please use the link below. I still have a lot of open appointments for Wednesday!

The link below is what you need to click on to sign up for an appointment. Please have your parent’s name or your name for the appointment and check the box for translation services. PLEASE SIGN UP FOR ONLY ONE APPOINTMENT

Appointment Assignment Link Click Here

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