Week of 06/01/2020

Great work submitting the missing assignments last week! Thank you to all of you that continue effective communication. This is your final assignment this week. Be sure to check your Remind and email daily for your video meetings, feedback/ support, or notification.

This week you are required to reflect about your educational experience this year by answering the questions or points using complete sentences in a writing prompt. Use the attached double entry journal in our Google Classroom to support you and guide your thoughts and writing. Use the sentence stems to support you, when needed (optional).

● Please be sure to proofread your writing before submission. All work is to be submitted in our Google Classroom.
● If you are turning in a scanned copy hand-written, be sure to write neatly because if I can not read it, I can not grade it.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I always encourage communication and glad to assist you at any time! Thank you!

Week of 5/18/2020

Hello Everyone!

This week you will not have a traditional assignment as this is “Make-up” week. This is a great opportunity for you to make up any assignment(s) that you did not submit to me. You have until Friday 05/22/2020 to submit any assignment for credit. This will be the only time that I will accept late work from you so take advantage of this opportunity. I will be available to answer and guide you through any assignment or questions that you have. Communication through Remind, phone, email, iblog, or Google Classroom is encouraged.

Thank you to all of you that continue to reach out and communicate effectively. Also, please be sure to check your email daily, as this is a requirement and watch out for my Remind announcements.

Week 5/11/2020

Thank you to everyone who submitted all assignments on time. All grades have been updated. It was a pleasure supporting you over the phone calls and video walkthroughs this week. This week’s assignment focuses on identifying the main idea of a text. There is an article attached with instructions and a video that is integrated into the lesson for your support.

You will be contacted through Remind and email about reminders to meet with Mr. Agemy or Ms. Mansour for additional video support through Google Meets, weekly. Watch for the reminders please. Thank you for those of you who attended the virtual support session last week.

Be sure to complete this week’s assignment in Google Classroom. The assignment and instruction is up with the article and video linked (Spiders/ Main Idea). Please reach out at anytime if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you!

Week 05/04/2020 Overview and Assignment

Thank you to everyone who submitted all assignments on time. All grades have been updated. Be sure to watch this week’s lecture video and complete this week’s assignment in Google Classroom. The assignment and instruction is up with the article and video linked. Please reach out at anytime if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you!

Video Meeting

Hello students,

Please be sure to access my recorded video walk through this week with explicit detail as to how to complete your assignment effectively and a walk through of concepts and information. I sent you all the access link in Remind. Thank you for those of you that already began watching. This is a kind reminder to check it out if you have not done so already and reach out with any questions you may have. Thank you!

Week 4/27/20 Lesson

This weeks lesson is all included in our Google Classroom and Remind.

I have put in the instructions and attached material needed to complete this week’s assignments. I will walk you through the instructions and model examples with you explicitly during out video conference this week for clarification and a better understanding. Please view your assignment ahead of time in Google Classroom and prepare any questions you may have for me ahead of time, prior to our video conference walk through this week. This will ensure all your questions are answered visually on the screen for your convenience. Also, please be sure to check your Remind for our meeting information. Thank you!


It was a wonderful experience with you this week on our virtual learning journey. I have put in all grades for students who submitted their assignment this week and attended our Google Meets. Thank you for those of you that have been effectively responding to my phone calls, emails, Remind messages, and Google classroom messages. This makes everything easier for both parties. Please be sure to read all my feedback commentary carefully on your assignments and apply accordingly. Thank you for your hard work during this time. Keep up the great work and reach out as always for any questions or guidance you may need.

Lesson- Week of 04/20/2020

Please click on the video link under Thursday’s lesson. Watch carefully and take notes in your tool kit. Next, complete the assignment as directed under Thursday’s box. 

Also, Attached is an article that you should read this week, answer the questions completely in your notebook and provide textual evidence for where you found your answer in the article using chunking like we do in class.

Monday- Read the article and circle or highlight any unfamiliar words. Use context clues and a dictionary to define and understand the terms.use the appropriate sentence stems to annotate the article about your thoughts and identify the main idea. How did you find the main idea? Use your tool kit for the main idea notes and strategies list.
Tuesday- Read the questions carefully and chunk your article. Answer the questions with the title of the article and date labeled in your interactive notebook. Using your chunking sections, identify textual evidence as to how where you found your answer.
Wednesday- Re-read your article and write a reflection about what you understood or what you were confused about using the following sentence stems:* Three things I learned from reading this article …..* One thing I am confused about or would like to know more about isVocabulary Application: Next, place each vocabulary word from your tool kit learned from this article into a sentence each. Circle the ‘Need to know’ vocabulary word in each sentence.
Thursday: Watch the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6L2XVxI1SmQWrite 4 takeaways that you learned using the following sentence stem:Four important facts/ideas I learned from this video are…  Write 3 example sentences and circle the Verb and underline the subject.. The sentences can not be taken from the video. They must be your own example. 
Friday- Write a one paragraph summary about the article and circle all the Verbs in your summary.Grammar Application: Which action verbs did you circle? Which helping verbs did you circle? What did you learn about subject verb agreement? Explain in detail. 
Notes: SSR+ Should be incorporated daily after completion of each lesson. You are still expected  to read everyday! SSR+ daily:Please continue to read daily. You are responsible to continue reading on a daily basis and continue working on your SSR packets and reading logs. In addition, please continue annotating the AOW and completing the vocabulary triple- entry journal. I will continue to update you further on assignments or reading material to assist you during this time.

* Please turn in all assignments on Google Classroom, as directed.
*Thank you for those of you that continue submitting assignments on ixl and Razkids.

Google Classroom Code: biwd7qr – *** You must use your student email when joining.
Remind Code: msalhash1

* Be sure to check iblog, Remind, email, Google Classroom, and all other forms of communication to ensure you are receiving the most updated information. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me. Thank you!