Week of 06/01/2020

Great work submitting the missing assignments last week! Thank you to all of you that continue effective communication. This is your final assignment this week. Be sure to check your Remind and email daily for your video meetings, feedback/ support, or notification.

This week you are required to reflect about your educational experience this year by answering the questions or points using complete sentences in a writing prompt. Use the attached double entry journal in our Google Classroom to support you and guide your thoughts and writing. Use the sentence stems to support you, when needed (optional).

● Please be sure to proofread your writing before submission. All work is to be submitted in our Google Classroom.
● If you are turning in a scanned copy hand-written, be sure to write neatly because if I can not read it, I can not grade it.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I always encourage communication and glad to assist you at any time! Thank you!

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