Week of March 23-37 Assignments

Personal update…

Hello students,

My thoughts are with you all and I miss you all very much! My husband is back from Qatar but is self-quarantining in a hotel in Michigan for 2 weeks JUST to be safe. Once he is back home, I hope to be able to do more video-talk with you all. Right now, I am keeping busy with Aminna and Mulhim and keeping track of your work online. I am hoping and praying for nice weather so we can get out and enjoy some sunshine 🙂

This week…

Monday and Wednesday: Spend 30 minutes each day working on your iReady lessons. Complete 3 lessons a week. Your quiz score should be 4/6 or 67% or higher to consider as a passing lesson. Use this form (you can download it, print it, or draw one out on a paper) to keep track of your progress. Open form by clicking here.

Tuesday and Thursday: Complete IXL Y: (Expressions and Properties) 1 and 2

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