How to check my Summer Learning Progress

1- Click on Progress (in the middle of the Khan Academy page, after you log in).

2- Click Activity (left side of the screen)

3- On the right side of the screen, you will have to change where it says “Activity from: Last 7 days” by clicking that and choosing Custom Range. Then, choose June 1st for the Start date and the End date should be the date of the day you are checking your progress.

4- Click “set custom range”

5- You wil be provided with a graph of your progress. You can hover over each part of the graph to find your minutes per day. Add all of those minutes up for your total minutes so far.

Below is the grade breakdown by minutes for Math.
480+ minutes A
384 – 479 B
336 – 383 C
288 – 335 D

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