Dearborn Public Schools

Wednesday, October 18

Homework: Math Problem Solving pg.11-12 Science/ Energy pg. 19-20.  Work on Double Bubble Thinking Map Social studies/ review Elevation maps pg. 20 and Climate pg.34-35

Tuesday, October 17

Tomorrow is late start.  School begins at 9:30 Homework:  Suffix and Prefix worksheet Finish the Circle Map of “Conductors” Study vocabulary words and spelling Practice math facts and read on Mobymax and Myon.

Monday, October 16

Wednesday is late start.  School begins at 9:30 Homework: Reread “Interpreting Visual Information”, Reading Instruction, pages 354-355 and finish the “Talk ” par 2.  Write paragraph one of opinion writing with 3 details and examples. 3.  Study spelling words and academic vocabulary 4.  Finish the math placement test on Mobymax

Friday, October 13

Homework: Reread The Snake pg.12-13 and review your answers. Write the following numbers in 3 ways:  expanded/ word / standard forms : 345,671  ;   203,451   ;   12,680 Read on Mobymax and Myon Monday is picture day.  Please write a check for the exact amount or send cash in the envelope.

Thursday, October 12

We had our DTE presentation about energy and how to save energy.  Each child will take a gift kit home.  Parents please fill out the survey and return to school with your child. Our anti bullying assembly is tomorrow/ please wear your T.Shirt Tomorrow is half a day.  Dismissal is at 11:45 a.m. Homework: Study […]

Wednesday, October 11

  Homework: Math: Solve pg. 3&4 / Practice and Problem Book Reading:  Finish the Tree Map pages 10-11/ Reading Instruction Social Studies:  Fill out the chart about examples of Human Characteristics Spelling: study words  

Tuesday, October 10th

Homework:  Read math pages 2-4 Math Instruction Complete the inference chart on pg.80-81 of Reading Instruction  study spelling words/ list them in ABC order Read on Mobymax practice multiplication online

Monday, October 10

Next Thursday, October 12th, Miller will be having a PTA Meeting at9:00.  After the meeting, parents will be allowed to visit classrooms to see our students doing some great learning.  We hope you can stop by and see how hard we have been working this year. Friday, October 13 is half a day Homework:  Please look […]

Thursday, October 5

Homework:  Math: Ready Practice and Problem Solving book pg. 355 and 356 Study for spelling test:Long Vowels (o) owner, compose, joke, only, grow, hold, notice, whole, vocal, compromise organism, light, energy, air, water Study for vocabulary test: Academic vocabulary: comma – compare and contrast – dictionary – edit – sensory details – heading Social study:  open […]

Tuesday, October 3

Homework:  Reread “The Search” page 270 of Reading Instruction and review the vocabularies “Odyssey” and “locate”. Study for math test on Thursday. study spelling test for Friday and some students tomorrow Study academic words Read on Myon and Moby max

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