Fire House

Yesterday, we went on a field trip to the Dearborn Fire House.  It was a terrific morning of learning about fire safety and the importance of knowing what to do in case of a fire.

Halloween Planning

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Homeroom Parents will be meeting in our classroom on Monday, October 16 at 3:45 for about 30 minutes to plan our Halloween celebration.  The celebration is scheduled for Tuesday, October 31. Even if you are not signed up to be a Homeroom Parent, you are welcome to join in on the planning.

Dearborn’s K-9 Unit Visits

Our PTA organized a very special visit from our very own Dearborn Police K-9 Unit.  Students were able to observe Worf and his partner demonstrate some of the amazing things they do together as they work to keep our community safe!

Boxes Needed!

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We are in need of about 12 empty cereal/cracker boxes for a science experiment!  Please send in an empty cardboard cereal box by Monday and your student will earn a homework pass!

Sign Those Tests!

Your child’s first spelling test comes home today.  Please make sure to sign it and return it to school tomorrow!

Any graded assignments must be signed by you and returned to school the following day.

Having Fun With STEM!

The students in Room 32 spent a couple of days planning and creating the longest paper chains they could make using 1 sheet of construction paper, 2 pair of scissors and 2 glue sticks.  The longest chain was made by the pink group!   Teamwork + Problem Solving = Science Technology Engineering and Math fun!

Third Grade Parent Meeting!

Our third grade parent meeting will be Tuesday, September 19th at 3:45 pm in my classroom,  Room 32.

You will be able to meet all 4 third grade teachers.

We will be discussing important information about this school year.

I look forward to seeing you there!