Classroom Mom or Dad Information

Dear Parents and/or Guardians,

Research shows that students who have a strong support system at home and school are those who are the most well-equipped to achieve success. Schools with strong parent-teacher relationships provide even more opportunities for our students’ success and often outperform other schools in academic achievement and growth. In an effort to strengthen our parent-teacher relationships, we are seeking to assign a “Classroom Mom or Dad” to each of our classrooms.

What is a “Classroom Mom or Dad”?

A Classroom Mom or Dad is the parent or legal guardian of a child in a classroom. Classroom Moms or Dads are volunteers who take a lead role in facilitating communication between other parents and the teacher, the PTA, and occasionally school administration. This can vary a little from class to class, teacher to teacher depending on the grade level and the time of year. For the most part, as a Classroom Mom or Dad you will communicate with the teacher on a schedule that works for both of you to organize, plan, and coordinate special events, celebrations, parties, or field trips. Additionally, Classroom Moms or Dads act as liaisons for their school’s PTA, encouraging participation in their events from the classroom you are supporting.

At this time we are seeking to assign one Classroom Mom or Dad per classroom. If this is something you are interested in, please let me know. Please understand that this is a year-long physical and social commitment that will require your energy, patience, and time. By doing this, you are demonstrating an understanding of the importance of this commitment and your name will be taken into consideration when selecting a Classroom Mom or Dad.

Spelling Words for the Week of September 18


Hot Words:

Short & Long /i/
1. fin
 2. fine
3. kite
4. ripe
5. shin
6. shine
7.  hid
8. hide
9. dim
10. bit

Content Words
11. force
12. balanced
13. unbalanced
14. county
15. Dearborn

Spelling Words

The spelling words for the week of September 11 are:

Short and long /a/ sounds:


Content words:

Geer Park is on Twitter

Look for Geer Park on Twitter @geer_park

We will posting pictures and reminders of school events.


3rd Grade Supply List

Third Grade Supply List

Lunch Menu Change

Second choice will be grilled cheese, not cheese pocket for Wednesday and Thursday.

Last Week of School


I have collected all classroom books and reading group books.  If you still have any at home, please have your child return them to me as soon as possible.


Lunch Menu

Second choice is Cheese Pocket all week.

First choice is as follows:
Tuesday- Hummus and Pita
Wednesday- Chicken Nuggets
Thursday- Pizza Cheese Crunchers

Humphrey book series

I am currently reading the book The World According to Humphrey to the class.  It is about a classroom hamster and is told from the point of view of the hamster.  This is the first book in a series of books about Humphrey.  The books in this series are a DRA level 38-40.   They would be great books to read over the summer!   Here is a link to the book series

Spelling Words for the Week of June 5

1. supply
2. demand
3. scarcity
4. volcano
5. recycle
6. pollution
7. liter
8. milliliter
9. gram
10. kilogram

Diamond Jack Field Trip

Thursday, July 1 is the Diamond Jack boat trip.  We will be leaving Geer Park around 9:30.  Please check the weather and have your child dress appropriately.   Students need to bring a bag lunch with them as we will be eating lunch on the bus. They will be selling some snacks on the boat, but I am unsure what they will be selling and how much the snacks will cost.