3rd Grade Supply List

Third Grade Supply List

Lunch Menu Change

Second choice will be grilled cheese, not cheese pocket for Wednesday and Thursday.

Last Week of School


I have collected all classroom books and reading group books.  If you still have any at home, please have your child return them to me as soon as possible.


Lunch Menu

Second choice is Cheese Pocket all week.

First choice is as follows:
Tuesday- Hummus and Pita
Wednesday- Chicken Nuggets
Thursday- Pizza Cheese Crunchers

Humphrey book series

I am currently reading the book The World According to Humphrey to the class.  It is about a classroom hamster and is told from the point of view of the hamster.  This is the first book in a series of books about Humphrey.  The books in this series are a DRA level 38-40.   They would be great books to read over the summer!   Here is a link to the book series http://bettybirney.com/humphreyville.html

Spelling Words for the Week of June 5

1. supply
2. demand
3. scarcity
4. volcano
5. recycle
6. pollution
7. liter
8. milliliter
9. gram
10. kilogram

Diamond Jack Field Trip

Thursday, July 1 is the Diamond Jack boat trip.  We will be leaving Geer Park around 9:30.  Please check the weather and have your child dress appropriately.   Students need to bring a bag lunch with them as we will be eating lunch on the bus. They will be selling some snacks on the boat, but I am unsure what they will be selling and how much the snacks will cost.

Spelling Words For the Week of May 30

vowel/consonant/vowel- pattern


2. promise
3. famous
4. radar
5. easel
6. habit
7.  limit
8. diver
9. bison
10.  talent


Science and Engineering Night

Tonight is science and engineering night from 4:15-5:30.  There will be many fun activities.  The bookfair will be open and all books are buy one get one free.  Hope to see you there!

Parent Survey

Geer Park Elementary and all Dearborn Schools are engaged in an ongoing continuous improvement process, of which parents and guardians are an integral part.

Geer Park Elementary is using the AdvancED Parent Survey to ask your opinion. The online survey will be available from May 9 through May 31.

We are asking all of our parents to complete this survey.

Please see the attached letter for more information.


Click here for a direct link to the survey.

Thank you,

Mrs. Srour

Spelling- Week of May 22

1. sure
2. figure
3. injure
4. unsure
5. mixture
6. measure
7. future
8. nature
9. fixture
10. picture