Online Learning Schedule

Hello All!

I have attached the following schedule for you to keep incase you need any reminders about our online learning. It is mandatory, that every child attends the meetings below. However, please keep in mind, if you need adjusted times for your child I will need to be notified before the session begins. The online meetings will be on GOOGLE MEETS. It is preferred that your child is not laying down during these calls. We want to make these online sessions feel like a classroom environment but at home for them. For example, (sitting in a chair, at a table or desk would be as close to classroom seating as possible). Please have a pencil and paper ready for the meeting. Please make sure your child is signed onto google classroom before the meeting starts!

Tuesday: 12-1 PM (MATH LESSON)

Wednesday: 12-1 PM (ELA LESSON)

Thursday 12-1 PM (MATH LESSON)

Friday 12-1 PM (ELA LESSON)

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