Friday and the Weekend

by Bryan Anthony – Friday, March 20, 2020, 7:58 AMNumber of replies: 0

Good morning, 

I hope you are all doing well today. It occured to me that sometimes just writing things down or saying them to others can be very therapeutic. So the assignment today is to write a paragraph or two about observations you have had about the nearly unprecedented week we have had. You can add facts you have heard from any source of information. Or you can just tell me what it has been like for you. A suggestion I have is to get some fresh air as well. We have a little bit of nice warmer weather before it gets chilly again for the weekend. Try to get out a little bit today and just get some fresh air. I AM NOT TELLING YOU TO GO OUT IN GROUPS. Just merely I am sure we have all spent a great deal of time inside and that if you can it is always nice to get a bit of fresh air. This is my last post for the week. I hope you all have a great weekend. Email me with any concerns. If you get bored of course you can work ahead with the documents or CURRENT EVENT EXTRA CREDIT assignments are always useful to you grade.

Best wishes, Bryan Anthony

Document B

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Greetings everyone!

Todays daily assignment is to complete DOCUMENT B. 

As always you all are doing so well emailing your assignments. Keep up the good work. 

A few notes for you and your family. The district is handing out food and technology resources at selected buildings. If this is something you need or know somebody who might need I can help direct you to additional information. 

Potential Issues

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Good morning everyone,

First and foremost I want to mention that ILEARN seems to be experiencing some minor technical difficulties that are currently being addressed. So the assignment today is going to reflect that short term difficulty. 

Now, onto the update. I am so proud that within a few hours of posting yesterday’s assignment of the Constitution DBQ Document A numerous students emailed me and asked why we were not completing the Background Essay like we normally do. I somehow completely overlooked the Background Essay. So my assignment for today, if you can do it without issues on ILEARN is to complete the Background Essay using the normal format.

That brings the current checkpoint on the new DBQ to include Document A and Background Essay. 

I want to add again that I am so pleased with the effort you all are putting in. Many of you have turned in your essay from before the Coronavirus and I am currently going through and grading all of those. 

What’s Next?

by Bryan Anthony – Tuesday, March 17, 2020, 8:29 AMNumber of replies: 0

Today I posted a new assignment in the Unit One Folder labeled Constitution DBQ. This will be the next activity we will be working on. The plan remains much the same as it did in class. We will take one article a day. Read the document an complete the corresponding questions. Next tuesday I will collect the ESSAY but remember this is uncharted waters, if you have questions or need more time that is fine. Lets try and take it one step at a time.

Today you work on Document A and put your answers in an electronic doc (Google Doc) label it “Constitution DBQ Documents” add all additional documents to this original Google Doc. When you finish all of the Documents (A-D) you can turn in your responses and start working on the essay.  

Any questions shoot me an email.

Keep calm and carry on everyone. 

Uncharted Waters

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Greetings everyone,

I want to start this post by wishing everybody well in this difficult time. This series of events is so  atypical to our daily lives I can not imagine the series of emotions you and your family must be feeling on a daily basis. With that being said I am going to follow the district instructions for all staff members and update my ILEARN page daily. I do not plan on giving you more work than you could possibly do at home by yourself and I do not intend to give you anything I would not give you in regular class. In other words no busy work. I am working very hard to convert all assignment to an online format. As you all know this class is already “online” in many way so this should not be difficult for us to get the hang of. My best advice for you all is to check your classes daily. If they have work to do try and get in done in small chunks throughout the day and not let things pile up. Online school can become overwhelming if you let things build up. Be pragmatic and take things one small step at a time. If you are stuck ask me, your friends, or family for help. But most importantly stay safe and be kind to each other. Stress levels are very high and that is exactly the time where we need to be kind and smart.

Best wishes, Bryan Anthony

KEEP READING- Now on to the assignment for today.

FINISH the DECLARATION ESSAY- We have an assignment that had a due date of today. This has not changed. I see a few of you have already turned it in, thank you. I am very proud of those of you that were able so fight through the chaos and get that done. But those of you who have not the first online assignment is to finish that assignment and turn it in to me through email. 

Poster Project (Gov Project 2)

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Essential Question: How were: (list below)

1. The Magna Carta

2. The Articles of Confederation

3. The Iroquois Confederation

4. Federalist Papers 10, 14, and 51

5. Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense”

6. John Locke’s “Second Treatise”

7. The Declaration of Independence

important to the historical and philosophical origins of American constitutional democracy?


I can analyze the historical and philosophical origins of American constitutional democracy and analyze the influence of ideas found in various primary and secondary source materials. 

I can research a primary source political document and create an informative poster explaining the significance of the document I researched in relation to the creation of the American government. 

Your poster must include:

1. Explain what the document or plan says. What is/was it’s purpose?

2. Where and when does the document come from? Is the time period important to the document itself or the creation of the United States government? When was/is the document useful in the creation of the United States government? 

3. How was the document used when it was created? How is it used now? How has it changed in significance over time?

4. Who created the document? Who was the document created to serve? Who benefits from the document? 

5. How is the document important or influential to the creation of the United States government? Poster Project Rubric.pdf PermalinkEditDeleteReplyExport to portfolio

Types of Governments

Types of Governments

by Bryan Anthony – Monday, February 10, 2020, 7:11 AMNumber of replies: 0

CO- I can define and then compare/contrast various types of government. The list includes: dictatorship, anarchy, democracy, monarchy, republic, socialism, oligarchy, facism, and theocracy. (C-1.1.2) I can create 9 LARGE FORMAT VOCABULARY SQUARES and use them to compare types of governments in order to prepare for upcoming vocabulary quiz on FRIDAY. 

LO- I can research the definition for 9 types of governments and create 9 LARGE FORMAT vocabulary squares.  (P1.4)