3-16-20- New assignment due 3-22-20

3-16-20- New assignment due 3-22-20

Along with the IXL that is due on Wednesday of this week- your first online assignment is as follows:

Log onto my iLearn classroom. You DO NOT have to use iLearn, iLearn to log in- just log in normally with your student ID and password.

Scroll down to the LAST assignment- it says

M-Step Practice- Literary and Informational Text

There is NO password to access the assignment.

Read the passages and either answer the multiple choice questions or short answer response questions. If the answer requires a written response- remember to answer in complete sentences and use proper capitalization and punctuation. This is assignment is due by Sunday 3-22-20 at 11 p.m. If there is no attempt- your grade will reflect your effort.

Please be responsible and take accountability for your learning.

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