Who loves extra credit?

Turns out 67 (out of 131) of you do!

No one wanted the school year to end up like this. No one wanted you to have to continue your school work while at the same time learning how to organize a week’s worth of assignments times 6 classes. No one wanted you to have to do all that work AND help take care of your younger siblings OR worry about your family or the Covid situation.

But, like the champions that you are, you figured out a plan for yourselves. You organized your work. You kept in communication with your teachers via email, phone calls, and live class sessions. And now here we are at the end of this unique and peculiar school year.

One of your last assignments was to write your memoir, a free verse poem about a memorable moment in your life where you learned some type of lesson either about yourself or about life in general. 67 of you took up that challenge and wrote some funny, interesting, sad, and/or entertaining poems. I enjoyed reading everyone of them… and it made me miss you all even more!

Ms. Wooton and I had been discussing how much work you would have during this past week and we didn’t want you to be overwhelmed. At the same time, you had worked hard on the brainstorming and prewriting so we didn’t want to give up on the story you were preparing to tell. So we decided to still assign the memoir poem.

For each of you who took the time to complete the assignment, you deserve to be rewarded for your hard work and perseverance. We want your final grade to reflect the hard work and effort you put in during the past 11 weeks, so…


Congratulations to each of you who earned those points. They are well deserved. The points will help boost your overall grade!

If you didn’t do the poem, this is a benefit for you as well since the loss of points will not hurt your grade. In fairness to those who followed the due dates, late submissions for extra credit will not be accepted.

Now, take another look at your Student Connect. You have only until Sunday, June 7th to complete any work for any class that you want counted for this card marking. DON’T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE.

I’m proud of all of you! Finish the school year on a strong note!

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