H-hall locker pick-up is today!

Just a reminder that if your locker is in H-hall, you may come up to Stout to pick up your locker possession from 10am-3pm.

If you have any library book and/or textbooks that belong to Stout, please put them in a bag and give it to a staff member when you receive your possessions.

You will not be entering Stout. The contents of your locker have been placed in a bag and will be brought to your vehicle. Please remember to have a sign in your windshield with your name and locker number written clearly so it can be read from a distance.

If you have a locker in C-hall, D-hall, F-hall, G-hall, or H-hall and you’ve been unable to come on the assigned day, you may come instead on Friday, June 5th from 10am-3pm. If you are not able to come on this day either, you need to email Mrs. Faraj at farajh@dearbornschools.org to make other arrangements for picking up your locker possessions.

If you do not pick up your possessions this week or you do not make other arrangements for pick up, anything left may be discarded and/or donated at the end of the week.

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