Week of Oct. 23-27

This week I will begin meeting with groups in both second and third grade to use the Word Work/Phonics component of the LLI Blue system. Additionally, the classroom  teachers will be meeting with these same groups to use familiar and new books. This system meets learners at their level and helps to give them the foundational reading skills they need for success in reading.

Week of Oct. 16-20

This week second graders will be working on poetry and irregular nouns.

The third grade will work on text features and understanding the meaning of academic words in a text. They also have a field trip on Tuesday!

Have a great week!

Week of Oct. 9-13

This week second grade groups are talking about long a and short a. We will listen for the middle sounds in words. We will also read a short book about about baseball.

The third grade groups are talking about Key Details using the questions Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How? Also we are working on using context clues to decide meanings of unfamiliar words. We will continue discussing characters and how their actions tell us about their traits.