Core Vocabulary Word of the Week: GO

This post is for my friends who are utilizing core vocabulary boards to help them communicate! Let’s try to focus on practicing using the word GO this week!

Parents: If you go somewhere, show them the core board and point to ‘go’ as you say “we are going to GO to the ____”. Continue modeling that word everyday when it comes up in natural contexts (going to the bathroom, kitchen, playroom, bed, car, outside etc). We only learn the language that is provided to us by modeling – they will learn what you show them!

Here is also a link to a cute song to practice the word “GO” with visuals to go along with it and video of me demonstrating how we would use this song in therapy 🙂 If you can, print a core-board, (if you don’t already have one) and print the “Go song visuals” to make a fun activity for your student to practice this word with the song.