Preschool Language Resource

Attached is an AWESOME resource from for expressive and receptive language for little ones! It includes scenes that can be printed or presented to your child on a computer or tablet along with prompts/questions to target receptive and expressive language skills- such as following directions, labeling, WH- Questions, etc. Check it out! 🙂 […]

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Articulation Dice Activity

Hello! Attached is a fun articulation activity to practice speech sounds if your student is working on producing certain sounds or syllable structures. All you need is a dice, something to color with and to print specific pages of the document that is attached. Find the speech sounds your student is working on (check their […]

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Reading with Core Vocabulary

Here are some ways to incorporate the core vocabulary board when reading with your child. Many things we say to our children when reading with them are core words that have related icons on the core vocabulary board. I encourage you to pull out the core board when reading with your child and use some […]

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Core Vocabulary Videos

One of our amazing Dearborn SLPs, Alana Kobeissi, has made some introductory videos about core vocabulary and how to use the core vocabulary boards at home with students who are learning how to communicate. Please check her out her blog! We encourage modeling and using the 108 as much as possible, but they do come […]

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Language Worksheets!

Happy Tuesday! I have linked a few different free Language bundles that include fun worksheets targeting many different aspects of language, including: reading comprehension, following directions, plurals, pronouns, etc! I encourage my students who have language goals to check them out when you have time 🙂 As always, please contact me with any questions.– […]

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