Hi Everyone! If your student receives speech and language services at Whitmore-Bolles, this blog is for you! I will be posting resources weekly that will hopefully help your students practice their speech and/or language skills during this school closure. I encourage you to practice these skills with your child as often as you can to maintain and improve the skills we have been working so hard on together over the past year. Please note that not all posts will apply to your student and their individual goals.

If your student is working on how they produce their speech sounds, please click on the “Articulation” link at the top of blog.

If your student is working on improving their language skills (prepositions, following directions, reading comprehension, pronouns, etc.) please clink the “Language” clink at the top of the blog.

If your student is in ECSE or an ASD program they may be working on core vocabulary. If your student is still learning how to communicate with others, please click the “Core Vocabulary” link at the top of the blog.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at bennetv@dearbornschools.org 🙂 Stay safe and healthy! -Veronica Bennett M.A. CCC-SLP