March is Reading Month!

“Once upon a page” is our theme! What does it make you think of? Do you see castles and a princess or three little pigs? Maybe you see George Washington or computers? Every genre takes you on a learning adventure! Personally, I love mysteries! I just finished a book last night by Harlan Coban. He is one of my favorite authors. Do you have a favorite author?

Holiday Activities to Keep Your Mind Active!

  1. Read every day for at least 15 minutes!
  2. Write a journal entry about something you did each day.
  3. Make a diorama out of a shoe box that shows a favorite scene from your book or movie or family tradition!
  4. Write a song to a tune (Like “Mary Had a Little Lamb”…) about vacation.
  5. Practice your multiplication facts! Make your own game! I made multiplication Jenga!
  6. Count how much change is in your mom’s purse or dad’s pocket every day!
  7. Follow directions….make a cake or some cookies!
  8. Plan some New Year resolutions!
  9. Make up a snow dance!
  10. Create a puzzle with your favorite book characters, cartoons, teachers, foods or something else!